Monday, January 6, 2014

2 Months

Since Kole is 4 months now I guess I will play catch up on his monthly posts:)

I am pretty terrible at these sorts of things if you can't already tell!!

Wearing:  At 2 months Kole was wearing size 2 diapers and 3 month clothes.

 Eating:  Still eating every three hours.

Sleeping:  In mommy and daddys room still:)

Loves:  Bath time, being held, smiling and showing those big dimples!

First:  Had his first Halloween!  Kole was Peter Pan and sis was Tinkerbell.  We went trick or treating twice at the zoo and once in our neighborhood.  This year it rained on Halloween so our neighborhood decided to have it the day after Halloween!

Started going to Mamaw Trinette's this month and did so well!

Still not taking a paci and we have given up!

Sleeping around 5 hours a night most nights.  First few days  I went back to work it was a struggle getting him to sleep and we had one or two very sleepless nights!  Thankfully it was just two and that was it!

Still loves his sissy very much:)  And she loves him lots and lots!

Kole is such a happy baby.  WE are so lucky to have such a content baby boy!

His shirt is from the Sweet Leah at Simply Made with Love

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