Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Project Life: Just Add Color

I was able to finally try out the new PL Just Add Color edition and I must say I do love it!!

I also decided that I love the idea of mixing kits in my books now, which can lead to a not good addiction:)

So, I decided to use this kit to start out some of Kole's first day pictures.  I love  how it turned out and had a lot of fun putting this together and choosing all of my 2X2 cards!

So, here is what I came up with!

Sorry I am not the best at taking these pictures I can never seem to get the glare of the page protectors off!

Here is my first page:  Very simple just a few pictures of Kole right after he was born and some journaling!

And the second page:  Again very simple, and I choose to use all of the black and white cards on this side and love how it turned out:)

I will also add in an envelope to include his hospital bracelets and other pieces that we brought home from the hospital!
I think I will continue to use this kit for Kole's baby book, but will also find another "boyish" kit to add in. I am going to use this in Kendall's as well and I also have the Honey edition to use with Kendall's book!
Are you using PL for your babies?

Have you bought the Just Add Color kit?!!

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Looks wonderful!! I loveeeeee those photos!!! And you need to change your blog header to include Kole! :)

Chrisy Clay said...

Wow Christy, visiting from The Mom Creative. What precious photos you have documented. How wonderful to have this special day recorded.

alida.post said...

Congratulations on your new addition to the family! That kit looks gorgeous, but alas, not available for shipping to South Africa.

Craftcherry said...

The Just Add Color kit looks amazing with the baby pictures! Congrats!!
I've been working on getting my boys stuff together to complete their albums using Project Life. Baby 3 will have all PL. Just love the ease of it.

Sonya said...

So cute! I do love the smaller squares. I hope they make a similar digital kit at some time. I'd definitely buy it and use it!