Sunday, April 7, 2013

House Update and others!

We are getting in the home stretch of this house and we should be closing in the next few weeks and I can't wait!!!  I Am So Ready. I can't wait to have my own house back:)

Today through Saturday they are staining our hardwood floors and I am very excited to get in there and see them.  But, I will have to wait til Sunday!

Once they finish that all that is left is carpet, finish up plumbing, heating and air, electrician to finish up, and paint touch ups!  I am really really hoping we will close the week of the 17th...cross your fingers for me:)

This week we are on Spring break so Kendall and I have been enjoying the week together with my mom and dad who are also on Spring break....we have done much which has been nice!

We did venture out to story time at the library today and Kendall enjoyed that!
And we have done a lot of bike practicing!!
My silly girl is getting so big!

I have beyond behind on PL and I am hoping that when we move I can get caught up with that!

We have five weeks and two days left of school after spring break (but who is counting???)  This school year has flown by and I have enjoyed every minute of it!

Hopefully...Hopefully...once we get moved in I will be back to crafting, organizing, and posting all of that:)

See ya soon and enjoy the rest of the week!


Shelli said...

Your new home looks beautiful!!!! I hope you close soon too!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Looking AWESOME!!! And she is sooooooooo adorable!!

Loopylou. said...

omgosh it is looking so awesome!! I LOVE the kitchen and Kendall piccies are always a complete treat
huge hugs hunny
Lou xxxxxx

Lisa said...

Hi there pretty lady! My. Oh. My. You are so correct...Kendall IS getting to be so big! And what an adorable little lady she is! Just goes to show how long it has been since I made my blog rounds. Love the pics of your new home. I know how exciting (and stressful) moving can be. Sending you hugs and lots of luck with the move!

Sonya said...

It looks great! So excited for you! I can't believe your school year is almost over! We go until the Wednesday after Memorial Day. Then we start early too because of construction at our high schools. However, it sounds like we will be out earlier next year because of it:)