Sunday, April 7, 2013

House Update and others!

We are getting in the home stretch of this house and we should be closing in the next few weeks and I can't wait!!!  I Am So Ready. I can't wait to have my own house back:)

Today through Saturday they are staining our hardwood floors and I am very excited to get in there and see them.  But, I will have to wait til Sunday!

Once they finish that all that is left is carpet, finish up plumbing, heating and air, electrician to finish up, and paint touch ups!  I am really really hoping we will close the week of the 17th...cross your fingers for me:)

This week we are on Spring break so Kendall and I have been enjoying the week together with my mom and dad who are also on Spring break....we have done much which has been nice!

We did venture out to story time at the library today and Kendall enjoyed that!
And we have done a lot of bike practicing!!
My silly girl is getting so big!

I have beyond behind on PL and I am hoping that when we move I can get caught up with that!

We have five weeks and two days left of school after spring break (but who is counting???)  This school year has flown by and I have enjoyed every minute of it!

Hopefully...Hopefully...once we get moved in I will be back to crafting, organizing, and posting all of that:)

See ya soon and enjoy the rest of the week!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Reading Fun: No David Baby Books

Reposting this to share on Kelly's blog today!  Kendall looks so tiny in these pictures:)  

I am a fourth grade teacher now and reading is just as important to me now if not more.  I think as students get older it can be difficult to keep their love for reading alive.  I am always making sure I share my absolute excitement about any new book we get in our classroom.  Maybe I am naive but it seems to work.  Any book I show excitement for becomes a hit in our classroom!!
Being a first grade teacher I am sure you can imagine that I am very much into Kendall reading at a very early age. It amazes me the amount of kids that have little or no books at home.  I don't say that to be ugly or rude, but I have LOVED reading since I was itty bitty so I guess I just can't imagine not having books to read.  Of course my husband isn't a reader, but he still enjoys getting Kendall new books to read. 
 As you can imagine Kendall has quite the collection of books already!  This is one shelf in her room filled with books (and stuffed animals!)
 This is another shelf in her room full of books as well!  As you can see Kendall is in no shortage of reading materials.  We also have a basket in the basement filled with books, we have a few in the office, and for Christmas Kendall also got the leapfrog tag junior, which is a pen that reads the books to Kendall.

I have found that a key to getting Kendall to read is having books in every area that she plays.  She anywhere we have toys there is also a little basket of reading books.  I also have to say that I don't push reading on Kendall.  I want her to love reading, but I want her to do it on her own terms. Because Kendall is a lot like me and she isn't going to do something because I want her to do it, but on her own terms. So, I probably don't read to her as much as I should, but she does bring books to me often to read to her!  We might not make it through the entire book, but we read enough for her to enjoy!
 I caught Kendall reading a few books off of her shelf the other day and couldn't help but snap a few pictures of her! I thought they were too cute to not share!  This book is one of her absolute favorites.  It's just a Scholastic Colors book and she loves it because she can identify the pictures, there is textures, and the bright colors! It's always one of the first books off the shelf.
 This book was mine when I was little.  The great thing about this book is it can't be ripped and you can use dry erase markers on it if you want!  I have about 10 of these books and I have no idea where my mom or grandma got them, but Kendall loves reading them:)
 I have been teaching Kendall how to put her books back after we read them.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't!

You will notice that we have a lot of books that we don't read just yet.  Chris bought Kendall the big Storytime books, and of course we look at the pictures but we don't yet read the books!  I did read to her the other day The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and she sat and let me read the whole book.  I think this book is pretty interactive which is why it kept her attention so well!
 So, being a first grade teacher I know what books the younger kids seem to go to!  No David books by David Shannon are some of my kids favorite books. I have actually had to reorder a few of them because they have been so well loved.  When I saw this set in the scholastic book fair I had to get them for Kendall.  We actually put them in her stocking.
 She didn't really show interest in them until the other day.  She pulled them off the shelf and we read each one about three times. By the third time Kendall was reading the book with me.  If you know anything about No David books you know they only have a few words on each page.  These baby books only have about 1 or 2 words on them, and the pictures tell you what the words are!  That make sense haha!

I wish I would have ordered a few more copies of these books for gifts.  If I see them again I will definitely purchase them to put away and for some of my friends babies!
And one more sweet picture of my little girl reading to herself.  Ya'll this just melts my heart because I LOVE to read and I hope that my kids will love it as much as I do and not take after their you honey:)