Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Project Life Tuesday Boot Camp:)

Wow it has been quite a while since I participated in PL Tuesday.

After we moved I got way behind on PL.

I still had it all out and unpacked so that I could work on it.

But, it always hit back burner for everything else we had going on in our crazy lives at the time!

Well, Christmas Break finally came and I went through hundreds and hundreds of pictures to edit and print to put in my album.

I ordered over 200 pictures from Snapfish the other day and I am anxiously awaiting their arrival.

I decided to not let that stop me from working on my album and I was able to get journaling done for about 10 weeks!

10 Weeks!!

That is a lot....

and I still have 10 weeks to go.

But, I am not letting that get me down....NO....if I can catch up on 10 weeks in one night all I need is one more night and my 2012 album will be complete:)

Of course there are still several pictures missing throughout my album, but they are on their way in the mail!

I thought I would share with you those weeks that I got caught up on and then I would also like to share with you some ideas that I had as I was completing my album!

Here goes nothing:)

First as you can see my binder is OVERFLOWING!! I think I will just get a white signature binder to put the second half in.  I have never needed two binders before!

Now you will notice in some of my pictures there are purple post it notes.  I got this idea from Jessica at The Mom Creative and I loved it.

If  you don't have your picture printed just yet don't let that stop you from working on your album.  Just determine what the picture is write it on a post it, and you can still complete your layout.

So, when my pictures come in all I will have to do is round the corners and place them in my album:)  That simple!

One of my "Great" ideas was to use a little journaling book I got in pages that I didn't have pictures.  I have at least 5-7 pictures for each layout, but those that are slim in pictures got an extra journaling card.

I like how it turned out and I think it's something I will continue to use!

 I also am running slim on the traditonal layout plastics, so I am getting really creative because 1:  I want to finish this album this week.  2. I have tons and tons of plastics that I don't want to go to waste and although I will continue this in 2013, I will probably order more plastics so I better use what I have!

I also LOVE LOVE the textured card stock for this edition!

It is amazing!!

Especially for little pics. 

And wasted space:)

I am hopeful  that they will create card stock for the new kits that are coming out next week!

I can NEVER say enough about what PL means to me.

I ask Chris everyday to promise me that if something happens to me, he will take good care of my albums and show them to Kendall often:)

I know he will!

I hope to do a post later this week telling about the new kit that I am planning on purchasing, my goals for 2013 with my album, and share the end of my 2012 album!!

Sorry I know it's picture over load, but I hope you enjoy looking at my caught up album:)  And I know the picture quality isn't great, but it's freezing cold here and I was trying to hurry outside!

Don't forget to stop by Jessica Turner @ The Mom Creative to see more PL Tuesdays
The Mom Creative


Sonya said...

It looks fantastic! I was just using the same one for extra 2011 pictures. I love that Project Life makes it so easy to catch up quickly. Can't wait to hear what edition you are using next year. I think I'm getting the seafoam edition. I'm just not crazy about Olive. I usually get one of each and use one for my every day pictures and then use the other one for extra pictures from that year. I still have one more Amber set that hasn't been used, so I may use it as my extra 2013 unless I change my mind about the Olive edition.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Your PL looks awesome! LOVING how you used the post-its to mark where you are going to place the photos! Such a great idea!!! Happy New Year!!

Chantel Klassen said...

Wow, 10 weeks in one night? That is impressive! I am glad you are plugging through even though you are behind. They are going to be such nice keepsakes for the kids to have later in life!