Friday, January 4, 2013

Framing our House!

They FINALLY started framing our house today!

It has been slow going...

Yeah I know we picked a bad time of the year to build

BUT geez:)

Anyways we are on our way!

And builder Steve told us that we could be in before Kendall's birthday!!

Which means we can have her party there.

Which means I can have the week of spring break to get our house organized

Who am I kidding that will take me MONTHS!!!

And I can't wait to start organizing!!

So, here are the pictures I took of our framed basement!!

They should have the main floor framed by Tuesday so I can update again!

Then maybe the upstairs the week after!!??

Ok let's not get ahead of ourselves!!

 Looking at the mud all over her feet!
 From the side.  Looking at the neighbors to the right of us!  They are moving in today:)  So excited for them!
 Our basement!

 I am sure you can see exactly where the stairwell is going to be since I can see it so well haha!
 Peeking out of the stairwell:)
 From the garage
 And our front porch.

I am starting to get visuals!!
 And I had to share how Kendal passed out on New Years day!!  On the ottoman like a little stinker!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

How exciting!!!!! Loving that sweet Kendall pics!!

RealDanaGentry said...

So exciting!!! I love selling new construction it is my fave!! Good news is, once the house is framed it will go by much quicker and it gets more fun to see it come to life haha! It looks awesome so far!!! :)

Savannah said...

This is such an exciting post! Your new home is going to be beautiful!