Thursday, December 13, 2012

Favorites Party and....I am officially losing it!

Ya'll I am totally 100% losing it.....

I am pretty building a house and living in someone else's home is totally sucking the life out of me.  My brain is just gone!

I totally posted our Santa pictures twice in two different posts within two posts of one another....I am quite sure you caught it and I am caught sure you were thinking what is wrong with that girl:) that we got that out of the way, I wanted to share with the favorites party I went to last night!!

My friends and I from high school have been getting together once a month for dinner for the past several months.  I love that we are doing this.  These are the girls I was closest with in high school all at different times.  We have all had our down times in different ways, but I am so lucky and blessed that we have grown up and decided to meet once a month!

So, I wanted to have a favorites party with them because I thought it sounded like lots of fun!! 

I made invitations and we decided we would make a budget of less than 10 dollars (which I clearly misprinted on the invitations if you look close enough! ) and we would be each of person our favorites, so five in all.  Sorry it's a terrible Iphone pic...

Here is a picture of all of us!  We have been trying for months to get a good group picture and I think it finally happened last night:)

So, on to the party.  We met at my favorite restaurant, Sake Blue, and had a yummy dinner before we opened gifts.

So, here are all the gifts and who brought them....

Savannah brought us a nail file, buffer, and nail polish  Miss fancy Pants is the name.  I love the polish she chose for us!  It will definitely get some good use:)

Angie brought Scategories and this is one of my favorite games as well! 

Ashley brought cute crockpots, which is so funny because we always make fun of her and her crockpots.  Definitely her favorite!

Jackie got us these cute fleur de leis trivets.  Can't wait to use these in our new house!  (I couldn't find a link to this, but it's from bed, bath, and beyond)

And Elisabeth made us these super cute prints.  I was so excited about this gift because I have been looking for a print like this FOREVER!! She should definitely think about opening an etsy shop!!  It's really hard to take a picture of a print in a frame BTW!

This was my favorite. I am obsessed with this lip gloss right now and I have to fight Kendall for it!!

We had a great time and it was so much fun laughing and opening our presents!   I sure hope this is a tradition that last forever!

Have you done a favorites party?  If not I definitely recommend it!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Awesome photos!! I am loving Kendall with her lip gloss!!!

Jessica Lawler said...

What a wonderful idea! I'll have to try that with some friends of mine. Thanks for sharing :)