Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas always seems to go soo fast...I feel like it might be partially to the fact that we are going so fast all day day I am just going to stay home and let Kendall enjoy her toys all day and enjoy ourselves (OK yeah right!)

We always do Christmas with my parents on Christmas Eve.  I got quite a few pictures of Kendall opening her big, big, big stack of presents!!

I didn't take many pictures on Christmas Day...I took a few with my phone of course and Chris video taped Kendall seeing Santa's toys but other than that I just enjoyed the day with my family!

So, enjoy the few pictures that I did take:)

 That whole stack was ALL for this spoiled rotten little girl named Kendall!
 She played with that highchair in Pottery barn forever so my mom secretly bought it while we were there!

 Yeah for presents!!
 Christmas with Tripp!!  She got lots of games and we have had so much fun playing them!

 I hope you enjoyed your Christmas!  I know I have said a hundred times, but I can't wait to enjoy our Christmas in our new house next year!!