Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Project Life Tuesday: School edition

Don't get too excited I am so far behind on our family Project Life it is unbelieveable!

But, I wanted to share with you an idea that I had at the beginning of September and just sorta am going with it as it comes!

I think reading is my absolute favorite thing to teach.  I can't imagine not teaching students reading and sharing my love for reading.

I really think my last statement is so important.  As a reading teacher I find that my love for reading must be seen by my students. I love sharing with them books I read at home and how much I can't wait to get home to finish a book I am reading, or just simply share my thinking about my reading.

Since I started teaching 4th grade I knew I could do so much more with my students as far as encouraging them to read. 

So, I had a few PL items left from years in the past and thought I would try something out at school.  I took my extra cards to school and had my students write a reading goal for September.  At the end of September/beginning of October I had my students reflect on their goal and write a new goal for October.

I have also been writing goals to share with my students as well!  I just want them to know that as their teacher I also have goals that I set to make sure I am teaching them all they need to know about reading!

I haven't decided how I plan to give these back to them at the end of the year, but I am sure it will have something to do with PL plastics:) 

My plan is take a few pictures of each student throughout the year reading books!!  I just have to find the time to take the pictures:)

What ways have you used your PL other than your own pictures?  Do you have any suggestions on how I should give these back to my students? 


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

What a GREAT idea!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee this!!!

Cerise said...

What a wonderful idea. Could you somehow work the cards into mini 4x6 albums? That way you aren't spending a lot of money on the project, but they still have something wonderful to keep. You could include pictures of books they read...maybe a couple pictures of them in class?

Jessica Lawler said...

Hello! I'm your newest follower and I'm so glad I stumbiled onto your blog!

1. Your daughter is adorable and I love all of the crafty things you do with her :)

2. I LOVE your reading goals idea - I'm definitely going to steal it to use in my classroom :)

Joy in the Journey