Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My New (Old) Classroom!!

I can't believe that I forgot to share with you my new classroom!  Since it's October I thought I might as well go ahead and share it with ya now!

SO, here is my blank slate...

I have an active board AND an Elmo!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!
I also love the built in cubbies and lockers I have...plus a sink and a water fountain:)  and WALLS...oh the walls...you know if you have been here long enough I haven't had walls ever...and now I do and oh I love them....and the window too:)
SO, this is the beginning stages of my classroom library.  Without any of my books. I got the carpet at Target.  I actually have the ABC rug as well and have been thinking of getting it out because the kids love to lay on the floor for reading around the room!
And far away!

And here is some of my progress. I went with bright colors and zebra theme!  I love how it has turned out and my kids love it as well.  I think my favorite thing is all the extra space we have up front. I just love the openness especially when we are on the carpet having think/share square.
A side view.  My desks actually aren't like this anymore.  I put my kids in groups of five and six so that we could have more room at the front of the classroom.  I will probably change it up a bit when we go on Christmas Break just have a new set up for when they come back!
And from the back of the room.  I put my desk over in the corner away from everything.
My desk!!  I moved the table in front of my desk to the wall so that I could move around my desk:)

I need to take more pictures now so you can see what a real classroom looks like...A big MESS!!
 And here are my bulletin boards!!  The top one says Stripe-ndous thinking:)
 This is our information board. I have never had one of these in my classroom, but I have found it to be extremely useful in my classroom this year!!
And our thinking strategies board...I just hang my focus poster on this board before I move it to the wall!!

Maybe I can try to take some pictures of my classroom before fall break and show you what it looks like now...in October!!!

Tomorrow we have early release and then we are off for the next five days and I am sooo super excited!! 5 days with my sweet girl:)


Shelli said...

Your classroom is so cute!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeeeeee your classroom!!! I love love love love the boards!! And loving the new blog header!!!!