Sunday, October 28, 2012

Moving Days??

Why does it seem to me that other people move in a day and I feel like we have been moving for weeks......

Guess cause I don't live in those other people's world?

We spent ALL day Saturday packing things up.  We packed up most of Kendall's room....all of the scraproom.....bathrooms.......the basement family room.......and then we took a break for the night..

This morning we woke up and Chris and Brad moved our bed, the couches, all of Kendall's toys, the kitchen chairs, all of the pantry items, Kendall's changing table, and tons more while I packed my whole kitchen, my clothes, Kendall's clothes.....blah, blah, blah

And guess what??

We still aren't done and it will probably take another day or two!

Shoo we are wiped out...
Love this picture of me and my sweet girl before open gym!
We should be closing on Wednesday or Thursday...and we are ready to have this behind us and start on our new house!!

And we got our plans back today finalized and I am so ready for them to break ground!!!

Have a great Monday everyone:)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Good luck with finishing moving everything!! Adorable photo of you and Kendall!!!! :)

Shelli said...

Moving has to be on the list of top stressful life events! I felt like a hoarder moving because we had so much stuff. It's so exciting about your house! I hope it goes by quickly!

Sonya said...

I even purged stuff before we moved and it still felt like I hadn't purged a thing! Good luck!