Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Break Day 2!

Today was a pretty uneventful day! 

Kendall and I went to Target this morning to get a few things and then came home to eat lunch and have some snuggle time!!

Once Chris got home we went to the zoo for Trick or Treating!  It was cold and drizzly!  Kendall is so funny about characters.  She is scared too death of them no matter if she can see their faces or not!

So, I couldn't get her to get too close to most of the characters!

Here are a few pictures from our fun, cold, and wet time at the zoo.  There was no one there so we got through in less than an hour which is very unusual!

She wouldn't even stand next to the Finding Nemo scene without her daddy!

There were a few animals out while we were there including the Polar Bear!  He was sleeping, but he sat up a few times and Kendall was excited to see him!

Have a great weekend everyone!