Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 1 of Fall Break in Iphone Pics!

We had a busy first day off today!  I am glad we don't have much to do tomorrow and can hang around the house most of the day!

So, here is our day in iphone pics....

First we woke up and cleaned the house to prepare for the appraiser to come.  Kendall loaded the dishwasher all by herself and my heart was so happy:)  All I did was sit the dishes (all plastic by the way)  on the end of the counter and she put them all in the dishwasher while I cleaned off some of the glass dishes to put in the dishwasher!!

Then we went for our hair cuts! Kendall was way excited about getting her hair cut......

Then Jenny put a cape on her and that was all she wrote.....

She soon realized she was going to get a lot of suckers after that cape came off so she got over it quickly!

After getting our hair done we went to lunch with Aunt Kathleen and then picked Tripp up from school to do some crafts with us!

 Messy Painting hands!
We made spiders with our hands!

They had fun for oh about 15 minutes...then they ran and played for a while!

I made BBQ chicken Pizza and Buffalo Chicken Pizza (I'll have to share this recipe!)  for supper.

Then we headed out the door for nastics (gymnastics)

Busy, busy day, but tomorrow will be a lot more relaxing:) 

Happy almost Friday everyone!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Awwwwwww her hair looks CUTE!!!! LOVING their art projects!!!

Shelli said...

Loving the hair cute photos! Those spider hands are too cute!

Tickled Pink said...

Love your spider hand crafts! :)