Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Birthday Parties Galore!

We have been so incredibly busy the past few weekends!  This weekend is actually pretty low key....we have a football game and I am going to see Dracula with my mother in law and I can't wait!!!

Anyways this past weekend Kendall had 2 birthday parties and Chris and I had a couples shower...and I took a total of 2 pictures this weekend!  That's just been our life right now and I am OK with!

The first party we went to was for Kendall's sweet friend Addy! I love that Kendall has made such a sweet friend at Trinette's house.  Addy is actually Trinette's grand daughter!

Kendall and Addy are such sweet, sweet friends!  They play so well together and I am so glad:)  Addy turned 2 on Friday and we celebrated with her on Saturday!

We also went to Alyssa's 4th birthday.....Alyssa's mom worked with at my other school.  We both left there this year..her going to stay home with her babies and myself a new school!  We had a great time catching up with Alyssa and Holly!

Then Chris and I went to a couple's shower and Kendall went to mamaw and papaws!

And guess what?  She got her first black eye:(  She insisted on putting a stool on the couch and it fell down on her!  Sweet baby girl...and the stool, yeah well she thinks she is Tarzen or something and I am sure her plan was to stand on the stool on top of the couch and jump off
 This was Sunday night...poor sweet girl:(

And this was Monday morning on the way to Trinette's.  My sweet girl she is rough and tough!

Happy Wednesday everyone:)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Awwwww poor baby!!!

Shelli said...

Bless her heart! And now get ready to have judgey eyes look at you until that black eye is gone! Ha! I felt like everyone at Kroger was going to call CPS when I brought in my toddler with a black eye!