Monday, October 29, 2012

WonderStruck and Hugo by: Brian Selznick

I haven't talked much about my new classroom and 4th grade but I have to say that I am in LOVE with fourth grade.  And I didn't know that I would ever say that!

Honestly I really believe that after having a baby of my own, I needed that older grade level! probably didn't click on my blog post unless you are familiar with these books!

My 3rd and 4th graders are in LOVE with these two books.   Guess what?

I haven't read either one and thanks to my kids I am dying to get a hold of a copy of one of the two.  Since they are so popular in my classroom it is not possible to get a hold of them.  I am seriously considering buying them over fall break because they are so darn popular.

The cool thing about these books is they are written in print and pictures.  So one part of the book is written as a chapter book, and the other half which is a different characters story is written in pictures.  You will read a chapter and then have maybe 6-8 pages of pictures and read another...probably makes no sense at all...but the illustrations are amazing!

And did I mention thanks to my kids I am dying to read them!

Do your kids love them?   Do you have any great activities to do with these books?

I will let you know when I read them and what I actually think of them.  Honestly I feel pretty familiar with these books because I have had so many conversations with my kids about them!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Moving Days??

Why does it seem to me that other people move in a day and I feel like we have been moving for weeks......

Guess cause I don't live in those other people's world?

We spent ALL day Saturday packing things up.  We packed up most of Kendall's room....all of the scraproom.....bathrooms.......the basement family room.......and then we took a break for the night..

This morning we woke up and Chris and Brad moved our bed, the couches, all of Kendall's toys, the kitchen chairs, all of the pantry items, Kendall's changing table, and tons more while I packed my whole kitchen, my clothes, Kendall's clothes.....blah, blah, blah

And guess what??

We still aren't done and it will probably take another day or two!

Shoo we are wiped out...
Love this picture of me and my sweet girl before open gym!
We should be closing on Wednesday or Thursday...and we are ready to have this behind us and start on our new house!!

And we got our plans back today finalized and I am so ready for them to break ground!!!

Have a great Monday everyone:)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My BF is getting Married

My best friend from High School got engaged a few weekends ago and I am just now sharing...shame on me:)

Totally stole this picture from Ashley's facebook, but here is her and her fiance! 

This is my favorite!  From their proposal sooo Ashley:)

Ashley was my maid of honor 5 years ago......

And I get to be her Matron of Honor next October!!  So excited for her!!  We have been friends for over 10 years:)  That's a long time to have such a great friend!

Here are a few pictures of us...again I stole from her fb because I am too lazy to do otherwise:)

So excited for her and can't wait to help her plan her wedding!!!  She will be a beautiful bride!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Break Day 2!

Today was a pretty uneventful day! 

Kendall and I went to Target this morning to get a few things and then came home to eat lunch and have some snuggle time!!

Once Chris got home we went to the zoo for Trick or Treating!  It was cold and drizzly!  Kendall is so funny about characters.  She is scared too death of them no matter if she can see their faces or not!

So, I couldn't get her to get too close to most of the characters!

Here are a few pictures from our fun, cold, and wet time at the zoo.  There was no one there so we got through in less than an hour which is very unusual!

She wouldn't even stand next to the Finding Nemo scene without her daddy!

There were a few animals out while we were there including the Polar Bear!  He was sleeping, but he sat up a few times and Kendall was excited to see him!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 1 of Fall Break in Iphone Pics!

We had a busy first day off today!  I am glad we don't have much to do tomorrow and can hang around the house most of the day!

So, here is our day in iphone pics....

First we woke up and cleaned the house to prepare for the appraiser to come.  Kendall loaded the dishwasher all by herself and my heart was so happy:)  All I did was sit the dishes (all plastic by the way)  on the end of the counter and she put them all in the dishwasher while I cleaned off some of the glass dishes to put in the dishwasher!!

Then we went for our hair cuts! Kendall was way excited about getting her hair cut......

Then Jenny put a cape on her and that was all she wrote.....

She soon realized she was going to get a lot of suckers after that cape came off so she got over it quickly!

After getting our hair done we went to lunch with Aunt Kathleen and then picked Tripp up from school to do some crafts with us!

 Messy Painting hands!
We made spiders with our hands!

They had fun for oh about 15 minutes...then they ran and played for a while!

I made BBQ chicken Pizza and Buffalo Chicken Pizza (I'll have to share this recipe!)  for supper.

Then we headed out the door for nastics (gymnastics)

Busy, busy day, but tomorrow will be a lot more relaxing:) 

Happy almost Friday everyone!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Birthday Parties Galore!

We have been so incredibly busy the past few weekends!  This weekend is actually pretty low key....we have a football game and I am going to see Dracula with my mother in law and I can't wait!!!

Anyways this past weekend Kendall had 2 birthday parties and Chris and I had a couples shower...and I took a total of 2 pictures this weekend!  That's just been our life right now and I am OK with!

The first party we went to was for Kendall's sweet friend Addy! I love that Kendall has made such a sweet friend at Trinette's house.  Addy is actually Trinette's grand daughter!

Kendall and Addy are such sweet, sweet friends!  They play so well together and I am so glad:)  Addy turned 2 on Friday and we celebrated with her on Saturday!

We also went to Alyssa's 4th birthday.....Alyssa's mom worked with at my other school.  We both left there this year..her going to stay home with her babies and myself a new school!  We had a great time catching up with Alyssa and Holly!

Then Chris and I went to a couple's shower and Kendall went to mamaw and papaws!

And guess what?  She got her first black eye:(  She insisted on putting a stool on the couch and it fell down on her!  Sweet baby girl...and the stool, yeah well she thinks she is Tarzen or something and I am sure her plan was to stand on the stool on top of the couch and jump off
 This was Sunday night...poor sweet girl:(

And this was Monday morning on the way to Trinette's.  My sweet girl she is rough and tough!

Happy Wednesday everyone:)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My New (Old) Classroom!!

I can't believe that I forgot to share with you my new classroom!  Since it's October I thought I might as well go ahead and share it with ya now!

SO, here is my blank slate...

I have an active board AND an Elmo!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!
I also love the built in cubbies and lockers I a sink and a water fountain:)  and WALLS...oh the know if you have been here long enough I haven't had walls ever...and now I do and oh I love them....and the window too:)
SO, this is the beginning stages of my classroom library.  Without any of my books. I got the carpet at Target.  I actually have the ABC rug as well and have been thinking of getting it out because the kids love to lay on the floor for reading around the room!
And far away!

And here is some of my progress. I went with bright colors and zebra theme!  I love how it has turned out and my kids love it as well.  I think my favorite thing is all the extra space we have up front. I just love the openness especially when we are on the carpet having think/share square.
A side view.  My desks actually aren't like this anymore.  I put my kids in groups of five and six so that we could have more room at the front of the classroom.  I will probably change it up a bit when we go on Christmas Break just have a new set up for when they come back!
And from the back of the room.  I put my desk over in the corner away from everything.
My desk!!  I moved the table in front of my desk to the wall so that I could move around my desk:)

I need to take more pictures now so you can see what a real classroom looks like...A big MESS!!
 And here are my bulletin boards!!  The top one says Stripe-ndous thinking:)
 This is our information board. I have never had one of these in my classroom, but I have found it to be extremely useful in my classroom this year!!
And our thinking strategies board...I just hang my focus poster on this board before I move it to the wall!!

Maybe I can try to take some pictures of my classroom before fall break and show you what it looks like October!!!

Tomorrow we have early release and then we are off for the next five days and I am sooo super excited!! 5 days with my sweet girl:)

Friday, October 12, 2012


I think it's so funny how Kendall will go through obsessions with certain things such as foods, toys, and shows. 

Calliou seems to be one that has been around the longest, probably second behind Mickey.   She LOVES Calliou. 

Now, I have a lot of friends that don't let their children watch him because they say he is "whiny".  While I can't disagree with them, there is just something about him that makes him so stinkin' cute.  So, I am the mom that let's her daughter watch Calliou even if he is a little bit whiny:)

Do you find that your kids are obsessed with certain things?  What are your kids obsessed with?

Have a great weekend....we have two birthday parties tomorrow and a couples shower!  Shew...but 2 and half school days this coming week and then we have a five day weekend and I am soooo looking forward to the days off:)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Building Update!

I know you all are dying to hear some of our building updates and plans!

Chris got our plans back the other day and we are waiting to get them priced to see if they will be in our budget:)

We have been picking out stone and brick and front doors and all that fun stuff (totally sarcastically saying this because I am sorry, but I find nothing fun about picking out brick)

So, here are a few ideas we have stolen from houses that will be around us:)
 Love the brick and the stone on this house!
 Love the brick on this house!!  This house is behind our lot!! They will be our neighbors!!
 Love the stone!
 The brick looks darker in this picture but I like it!
Love this stone not the brick:)
Love this brick!

Told you boring!!!

I can't wait to get this house on the road and going so that I can stop thinking about all of it!  Just need to get out of our old home first.   We should be to that point by the first week of November, but we shall see.  After last time I have no high hopes for anything with these house situations!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!!

(Blogging three days in a row what!!!)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Project Life Tuesday: School edition

Don't get too excited I am so far behind on our family Project Life it is unbelieveable!

But, I wanted to share with you an idea that I had at the beginning of September and just sorta am going with it as it comes!

I think reading is my absolute favorite thing to teach.  I can't imagine not teaching students reading and sharing my love for reading.

I really think my last statement is so important.  As a reading teacher I find that my love for reading must be seen by my students. I love sharing with them books I read at home and how much I can't wait to get home to finish a book I am reading, or just simply share my thinking about my reading.

Since I started teaching 4th grade I knew I could do so much more with my students as far as encouraging them to read. 

So, I had a few PL items left from years in the past and thought I would try something out at school.  I took my extra cards to school and had my students write a reading goal for September.  At the end of September/beginning of October I had my students reflect on their goal and write a new goal for October.

I have also been writing goals to share with my students as well!  I just want them to know that as their teacher I also have goals that I set to make sure I am teaching them all they need to know about reading!

I haven't decided how I plan to give these back to them at the end of the year, but I am sure it will have something to do with PL plastics:) 

My plan is take a few pictures of each student throughout the year reading books!!  I just have to find the time to take the pictures:)

What ways have you used your PL other than your own pictures?  Do you have any suggestions on how I should give these back to my students?