Saturday, September 29, 2012

September photo Dump

Just wanted to share some of my favorite pictures from September:)  Of course most of them are of my sweet girl!!

 I just love this picture of Kendall and Tripp. We were at a spec home looking at some things we want for our home and there was an itty bitty baby froggy in the yard.  It was sooo cute! (I don't think I have mentioned we are building 2 streets over from Tripp's house!!!)
 I love that this is in my city!  Not just because we are UL fans, but also because it has brought so much to our city including Disney on Ice, which we are going to see tomorrow!
 Love a new flag even though it had to get packed away!
 These two cuties were raised right!  They love this Mcalisters UNsweet tea!
 My aunt and cousin at the UL/UK game in which is poured all the way to kick off:)
 A sweet Jessie girl ready for Halloween:)
Packing up my scrapbooking room was sad but exciting all at the same time because I will have a bigger craft space soon:)

Hope you are loving your weekend!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Fall Blues

Don't let my title confuse you...but I am sooo sad about fall this year.  Since we "thought" we sold our house the first time we packed all of our holiday boxes up and took them to storage...and oh how I miss decorating for one of my favorite seasons.

I can't even discuss Christmas right now because I probably won't be able to decorate for this Holiday either:(

Anyways I thought I would share last year's fall mantel, and then share some of my fun Pinterest Fall pins that Kendall and I will be doing to replace our fall decor this year:)

 I had so much last year decorating this mantel and I am so sad that I can't do the same this year!! But, next year in my new home...oh the possibilities!!

So, here are some of my pinterest finds for fall this year!

Source: via Christy on Pinterest

Would love to make this, but we will probably wait til next year:)

We will DEFINITELY make this for Thanksgiving this year!!

So, cute!

What fun fall things have you pinned lately???

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Building our Dream home....selling our first home

Well....unbelievably we have another contract on our house and let's just hope that this means we will be out of this house in the next 30 days! 

As sad as I can get thinking about leaving our first home, I am also very eager and excited to start building our very own dream home!!!

We were originally looking at building the exact layout of the pictures that follow, but my husband decided to change a few things, then a few more, and now I am pretty sure our house will be quite different than the one that you are about to see!

So, I thought I would share some of my favorites that will be in my dream home:)

And I promise to not bore you with every single post being about my new home that we are building, but it is our life right now so bare with me:)

I was in love with this home when I found it.  It was just built and we would have taken it, but it doesn't have a walk out basement and there is barely a backyard.  Two of the things we had very, very high on our list....

So, I took a few pictures of the things we love in this home, because the builder that built it is building our home:)

 This is when you first walk into the house.  This is the great room. (Actually when you walk in there is an office on one side and a bathroom and closet on the other, but you get the idea.  Anyways I love the high vaulted ceilings and double love the windows at the top of this wall.  We will have the exact wall in our house.  LOVE the fireplace.
This is the view from the catwalk at the top of the stairs.  Also something else we will have!  Loved the idea of the catwalk and oh the possibilities of decorating for holidays!

One thing I refuse is a TV over my fireplace.   No offense to anyone that loves this, because it doesn't look bad at all, but I just love to decorate my mantels!
Next, not only will we have  double vanity in our bathroom, but Kendall will as well.  I think when she has siblings she will so appreciate this.  What do you think??  Also, I love the flooring here, but I will probably go for a little darker cabinets and vanity!
 I love this light fixture.  It will be in a dining area, and there is also one similar but a little bigger when you walk into the house! I LOVE how simple it is.  If you know me in real life, you know that I don't like real big fancy things!  This fits me perfectly!

This will also be the counters in my kitchen! I can't wait to have a big kitchen!  I love this granite counter with super dark hard wood floors!
 Here is a view of the catwalk.  Our stairs will not be located at this part of the house...they will be somewhere else, but I don't understand blueprints so I am just going to trust that Chris knows what he is doing!
We love the banister and this is what we will go with!
 And my kitchen...Oh how I love so many things about this kitchen...the butler pantry..the granite counter tops....the deep sinks....the appliances that we will have that are quite similar, but most of all...
 I am absolutely, head over heels, in love with...
these cabinets...think of all the storage these babies have in them! I love that nothing comes between the cabinets and the ceiling because that is what I call a dust collector!!

As much as I don't like making these kinds of decisions, I am very excited about building our home and getting exactly what we want in all rooms of the house!!

Hope I didn't bore you too much with all of my home business!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Everything Happens for a Reason

Shoo..I sure have missed this blog, and I am so glad to take a time to write a short post about what has been keeping me from blogging!!

We got a call Saturday night that we would probably be closing on our house at the end of this week so we started packing like crazy people on Sunday!  We packed and packed until our house was just about empty.
 Emptied all of my closets....

Cleaned out all of my kitchen cabinets....
Got all of our Holiday boxes out from under the stairs......

 Took all our pictures off the wall.....

Well, this morning we received a phone call that the people buying our house couldn't get a loan.....sooo...back to the drawing board and our house will be back on the market.

Our fingers are crossed that it sells quick because we have decided to build and we want to get that started as soon as possible.  We already found a beautiful lot that we love and a builder.  Chris is working on our plans.

Mostly I just want all of my stuff back in my house and back to normal, which I know is months to come.  So, we will see what happens.

I am not complaining because even though I took Kendall to the doctor today for a high temp and she has a virus, we are all otherwise healthy and doing alright.  So no complaints here just some frustrations, but at the same time I know that God has bigger plans for us and we will see those soon enough:)

Now to go dig my Project Life back out of a box so that I can catch up some more!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Classroom Changes!

Doesn't it make you crazy when you get everything made for your classroom and names on EVERYTHING including the walls, name tags, cubbies, birthday charts, and everything else that you can think of to put names find out that half your class is leaving because you are coming a split!!

Yeah so that happened to me this week!! SO, everything had to be taken down and fixed or re made!!

I don't think I ever shared my birthday chart.....

Sorry it's an IPHONE pic so not the greatest...All I did was take a craft tray and cut out zebra and white paper to stick in it and cut out the months with my cricut, but I love how it turned out:)

Anyways I had to get it down the other day and change it all around....blah.......

So, I just about have everything changed around including my grade book and all that fun hopefully all the changes are over and I am good to go for the year...YEAH RIGHT...we all know that is never the case:)

And...we are still house hunting but that is a whole other post!!

Have a great weekend!