Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Make it: Family Tree for Classroom!

I have been meaning to share this for some time now and I am so proud of it!  I found this pin on Pinterest and knew I had to make this for my classroom!!

So here is the pin that I saw:

And here is my take on it:)
Sorry so blurry took it with my phone:) 

Do you not LOVE it!! I am sooo happy with is by far my most favorite thing I made in my room!

Seriously, it was as easy as cutting the trunk out of brown butcher paper and cutting a bunch of circles from your favorite colors and gluing them to the wall!!  It is now full of pictures of my kids and their families and I just adore it!!

You should definitly consider having a family tree in your room, they are so fun to look at!!

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Miss School Potato said...

I love your family tree! So cute!

Sandi Purdell-Lewis said...

Your family tree looks great. What a beautiful way to incorporate pictures of your kids and their families into the classroom.

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Shelli said...

This turned out GREAT! You are so creative!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Sooooooooooooo fun!!!! I just loveeeeeeeeeeee yours!!!! Awesome colors for your classroom!!!!!

Kimberly Santana said...

HOW PRECIOUS?!? So happy to be a new follower :) :)


The Learning Tree

Tara said...

This is wonderful!!!! Thanks for linking it up! I'm pinning it now!!!

4th Grade Frolics

Miss Nelson said...

Amazing!!!! Did you use hot glue?

Nichole Falkowski said...

Wow! That is so cute! What a great way to instill a sense of community!

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