Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Countdown has Begun

I can't believe that we have been out of school for 9 weeks now and we have a week and a few days left until we return to the 2012-2013 school year!!  Doesn't seem possible.

I have been working and working on my classroom trying to get it ready to go. I thought I would share a few sneak peeks and then hope to share a lot more next week when it is all put together!!!

 Here are the pennants that will hang above my tables!!!  I think they turned out pretty cute!
 They will hang on a piece of string under the do next week:)  Here is my room so far.  I decided that I would make groups of four in my room so that they aren't in such big groups.  I am sure once I get kids in my room I will find that I need to change things up a little bit, but we will see when that time comes!
 I LOVE this little table I got from Bed Bath and Beyond.  I paid 7 dollars for it because I had coupons and a little bit on a gift card from when we got married!!
And my desk area is coming along as well. I try not to take up a lot of room with my desk only because I never sit there!  So, I like for it to be useful in the classroom without taking up useful space!  

And that is my room so far...I can't wait to get it all together!  I have been working like crazy today trying to get my book baskets ready to take to school.  Just hoping I can get that big project taken care of this weekend!!  I'll keep you posted:)

Have a great weekend!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Everything looks AWESOME!!!

Sonya said...

Your room is looking great! I have 3 weeks left from Thursday. I guess you could say Wednesday since I have to go to new employee orientation then. I'm excited about my new position tho! Now if I can get our new home put together before then.

Maggi said...

Your room looks great! The kids will love it!

Savannah said...

I seriously cannot believe we return to school so soon. I think I am in denial mode. :)

Your classroom looks great! Fingers crossed for a great year at your new school!