Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Blog Failure

I have been a total blog failure this summer, but I am alright with because we have been having a lot of fun around here and have had a lot of lazy summer days which is fine by me:)

So, I thought I would just make a couple of bulleted reminders for myself so I can maybe check some things off my to do list:)

*Get the rest of my stuff into my classroom!  I went yesterday and got a few things done, but I have sooo much more to do, like so much.  They forgot that my classroom was being used this year and didn't clean or wax it so I have to go back again on Thursday to try to get a few more things done.

*Reorganize my classroom book library.  Since I am moving to fourth grade this is going to look quite different so it's something I plan on working on tonight actually!

*Decorate my classroom.  My theme this year is zebra, pink, green, and blue.  I need to get on it!!  It's happening soon:)

*Make the curtains for my kitchen...have had the fabric forever just haven't sat down to do the actual sewing just yet:)

*Yeah remember This List of things I wanted to accomplish this summer??  Well I have less than 3 weeks left and still a lot of things on that list!!  Gotta get my bottom in gear:)

*Catch up on PL...yeah I know I wasn't gonna get behind again and then I did..I think this has quite possibly been the absolute craziest summer we have had! 

Most importantly...ENJOY the last few weeks of summer vacation...I can't believe they are almost over...makes me soooo sad, excited, scared, nervous, all rolled into one:)

I'll leave you with the ONLY picture I have of me and my BFF, Jess at her wedding...can you believe it!!!???  We had a blast and I didn't carry my camera around...the memories will never leave my head!!

Going to miss all of these girls next school year:(

Have a great week!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

You have been busy!! WOW!! Enjoy the rest of your summer break!!

Tickled Pink said...

Your room is going to be adorable- cant wait to see pics!!

Just Wild About Teaching said...

enjoy your summer girly

Just Wild About Teaching