Friday, June 1, 2012

Show us your Home Tour: Living Room

I have never played along at Kelly's Korner so I thought I would do the next few weeks to show off my home! 

Now let me perference this by saying my home is just that OUR home and we live in it every day and it's not a model home and there are toys, and blankets, socks, and more toys, and toys, and well you get the point.  As much as I would love to just clean it all up so that I could take a quick picture of what I would hope for it to look like I am not going to!  And I am sure you all will understand!

My home is where we live and I love it.  I am not much of a decorator, but I am trying.  I have a different style than most I am sure, but I do what I like because after all I am the one that lives in it:)

So, we have to living room areas.  The first one is upstairs and we use it more as a sitting room while I am cooking. I love that we have opened up our kitchen because now I can see Kendall and Chris in this room while I am making supper and don't feel so alone:)

So, here is that first room and it doesn't have a TV.....shocker!!!

 This is a view from our dining room. It's so not pretty today so this is the best I can do with my pictures!!
 I love this little space in our house. We didn't use to use it often but now we sit here a little more!

 My baker's rack is a little bare.  That's something I am working on!
I know the curtains don't go with my pillows, but I just got my pillows and will be adding new curtains very, very soon!  I will share when I get them of course!

And the basement living room is where we live!  It is where we spend 90 percent of our time when we are at home.  Chris watches TV down here and Kendall plays down here!

 And it looks like this quite often.  Don't look too close you will see Chris' socks that he pulled off last night and left where he pulled them off....real is look at all those toys!! I thought a baby had a lot of "things"  it doesn't compare to the amount of toys a toddler has!!
  I love my built ins!  I am thinking they may be my next project but I am not sure! I am trying to get the kitchen done and the other living room then I might move down here!!
 Our TV and the stand isn't usually full of things like it is, but Chris was on a hunt the other day for the apple tv remote...again real life!  Oh the toys!
This is where I lay when I am down here!  The door is the bathroom that Chris just remodeled!  And that's it!!

I hope you enjoyed my home and I hope I didn' t scare you away!!

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

How fun!! LOVED looking into your home pics!!

Megan said...

I love you big windows upstairs! I'm glad we're not the only ones with stuff everywhere any given day. I'd like to keep things neater than I do, but between working and going to school full-time there just isn't time! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

In love with the spindle color blue! Cute. Cute.

Natasha said...

I love the blue colour! And toys, toys, and more toys is the story of my life right now. And we just moved halfway across the country and got rid of a lot of our toys. But we still seem to have a ton. Life with kids, hey?

Savannah said...

Love your decor! Hope you are enjoying your summer break!

Shelli said...

Your house is adorable and I lOVE those throw pillows. I like your "lived in" living room the best. It's happy and cozy!