Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Photo Dump

We have been so busy the past few weekends with graduation parties, a couple shower, and getting ready for our summer vacation to the beach!

I thought I would dump a few photos and share some of our summer so far!!

 I LOVE this picture of Kendall and Tripp!  Jen was out of town for work for a week and Tripp came over one night to play.  I gave them a bath and then they wanted a snack (goldfish and oranges)  When I came back down the stairs they were sitting on the couch together eating their snacks.  So cute:)
 This has been in my classroom forever.  It was a Tag junior leap pad.  Well, Tripp loves it!  Everytime he comes over he gets it out! I was planning on putting it away, but I guess I will keep it out for him and Kendall to play with!
 After a busy summer day Kendall passed out on the couch!
 Friday we went to a couple's shower.  It was a lot of fun to hang out with our friends and just sit and talk!
Saturday my sweet cousin Rachel graduated from High School!! I cant believe she is done with high school just doesn't seem right!  She is the baby grandchild of the family!  She is going to UK next year and I can't believe she will be gone:(  Look how white I look next to these two!!  I am not that white but they are that dark!!

Love those girls. 

Well, I hope you all are enjoying your week..one day I will be consistently back with PL!!!  For now Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Make it Monday: Teacher Edition

I have been wanting to play along with Make it Monday for a while now, but I have been so busy that I haven't had a chance to do anything on the computer!  But, I have been able to create a few things for my NEW classroom and I can't wait to share them with you!

I have found a few cute teaching blogs the past few weeks and one of them does a Make It Monday link so I thought I would join!  4th Grade Frolics is a cute little blog that I found a few weeks ago when I decided to apply for a 4th grade position!!  She has many cute and fun ideas and I am excited to finally play along with Make it Monday!!

So, here is my first project for my new classroom!! 

First, My theme is zebra, lime green, bright blue, and hot pink:)

I got these containers at the container store on clearance!  So, what did I do?  Buy all of them.  They have been in my room for a year and I did nothing with them.  When I cleaned my room out at the end of the year I decided that I was going to do something with them this year! 

So, here ya go:)

First, I painted the lids:

 So the lids were a little tricky to paint.  I didn't realize that plastic was so hard to paint haha:)  And the blue color is so distorted on the lid in the above picture!
 Here is the end results.  I just wrapped the top of the containers with zebra ribbon!
 I put a bunch of erasers in one of the containers and then I used one for glue, and three of them to separate crayons.  I am a little crazy like that:)
 And here are two pictures of the end results!!
Thanks for stopping by:)

Don't forget to check out more great Made it Monday posts at 4th Grade Frolics!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Project Life: Week I don't know:)

Thanks for all of the congrats on my new job!  I am really excited and nervous at the same time:)

So, on to my PL spread.  This is from our first week of summer so of course I had quite a few pictures and actually decided to use two inserts!

Let's take a look:

 I love this vertical page because I found my first two years of PL I took quite a few vertical pictures! 
 This was soo much fun!! It was a way to get a little scrapbooking out in a different style! All I did was make my instagram pictures 3X3 and then I used the insert with 4 6X6 inserts in it!  I love using the stickers to label and write about each picture!
 Insert 1 and 2.  I still need to do some journaling!
 I wrote my Favs about my sweet little girl!
 A day at the pool was on the other side of insert 2!
I also love the way the collage turned out of Jess and Nick's pictures that I took!!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out Jessica at The Mom Creative by clicking the button below for more fun PL inspiration!

The Mom Creative

Monday, June 18, 2012

Real Life Changes

First, I have to share my sweet girl with you that thinks she might be old enough to go to school:(  I DON'T THINK SO!!  She can use this to carry her toys for now!

 A few of you may have noticed a blog post titled Changes that came up in your feeder today!  I wrote a LONG post really a diary entry about a lot of things that I have been feeling for the past few weeks, months, years, blah blah blah you get my point:)

I took it off because I don't want it to offend anyone involved in the situation that I doubt reads my blog, but may accidentally come across it!

The LONG post can be summed up in a few short sentences:

I decided to accept a position at a NEW school!! 

I am beyond thrilled for this new journey!  I really never intended on leaving the school I have taught at for the past 6 years, but thought it was time for me to continue on to a new position!

So, I will no longer be teaching first grade, but will be jumping into the life of a 4th grade teacher and I am beyond excited!!

Not only am I moving to a new school, but now I will be teaching with a very dear friend of mine that also happened to be in my wedding!!

Michelle and I went to college together and became very close through that time and have always wished to teach at the same building and now our wishes are coming true and we are so super excited!!

This has been an extremely stressful two weeks.  Not the vacation that I had intended for myself or Kendall, but all that stress ended at 9 this morning when I was offered the position and I am so thankful for a chance of renewing my love for what I do!!

 I can't wait to share my journey with you...I never intended my blog to be a teaching blog, but I sure hope to share some of my fun teacher ideas for my new classroom (which by the way has walls and a door!!!!)

We met Chris for lunch today and brought me these fun little goodies for my new room!!
I am not ready to enjoy the rest of my summer and I hope to be back to my normal blogging schedule so thanks for sticking around!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

An Angel Gets Thier Wings

I know I have been missing for a few days now and I hate that I haven't had a chance to do any blogging, but we have had a whole lot going on.

First and most important Chris' grandmother passed away yesterday afternoon.  We have spent most of the week at her house by her side just visiting with her and keeping her comfortable.  She is now in heaven with her sweet husband probably dancing the days away!  Her husband died in February so she was ready to go be with him.  I think I shared with you before that Chris' grandpa had alzheimer's so I am sure they are up there smiling at all the memories that were taking away from him on Earth by this awful disease.

So, the majority of our time has been spent there. I am caught up on PL and will share that very soon and hope to participate in tomorrow's show us your life but I am not sure if I will get that chance or not!

Hopefully I will be back to blogging soon!!

I believe I shared this picture when Grandpa passed away, but here are the two angels watching over us now!

 Christmas 2011

Friday, June 1, 2012

Show us your Home Tour: Living Room

I have never played along at Kelly's Korner so I thought I would do the next few weeks to show off my home! 

Now let me perference this by saying my home is just that OUR home and we live in it every day and it's not a model home and there are toys, and blankets, socks, and more toys, and toys, and well you get the point.  As much as I would love to just clean it all up so that I could take a quick picture of what I would hope for it to look like I am not going to!  And I am sure you all will understand!

My home is where we live and I love it.  I am not much of a decorator, but I am trying.  I have a different style than most I am sure, but I do what I like because after all I am the one that lives in it:)

So, we have to living room areas.  The first one is upstairs and we use it more as a sitting room while I am cooking. I love that we have opened up our kitchen because now I can see Kendall and Chris in this room while I am making supper and don't feel so alone:)

So, here is that first room and it doesn't have a TV.....shocker!!!

 This is a view from our dining room. It's so not pretty today so this is the best I can do with my pictures!!
 I love this little space in our house. We didn't use to use it often but now we sit here a little more!

 My baker's rack is a little bare.  That's something I am working on!
I know the curtains don't go with my pillows, but I just got my pillows and will be adding new curtains very, very soon!  I will share when I get them of course!

And the basement living room is where we live!  It is where we spend 90 percent of our time when we are at home.  Chris watches TV down here and Kendall plays down here!

 And it looks like this quite often.  Don't look too close you will see Chris' socks that he pulled off last night and left where he pulled them off....real life.....it is look at all those toys!! I thought a baby had a lot of "things"  it doesn't compare to the amount of toys a toddler has!!
  I love my built ins!  I am thinking they may be my next project but I am not sure! I am trying to get the kitchen done and the other living room then I might move down here!!
 Our TV and the stand isn't usually full of things like it is, but Chris was on a hunt the other day for the apple tv remote...again real life!  Oh the toys!
This is where I lay when I am down here!  The door is the bathroom that Chris just remodeled!  And that's it!!

I hope you enjoyed my home and I hope I didn' t scare you away!!

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