Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer 2012 Organizing Post

I have already started my summer organizing and purging!  Monday I am happy to say I cleaned out all of my closets and drawers and got rid of two bags of clothes that I don't wear anymore! I was pretty proud of this accomplishment!!

Tuesday night I went through the pantry, fridge, and freezer and had two bags of garbage from all of that as well!!

I had not quite made a list of all the things I was hoping to accomplish this summer because well I just hadn't gotten around to it and just wanted to dive into my organizing!!  So, without further ado here is my list and I hope to get most of it done before August 1st!

I'll keep you updated!!

To Do Summer 2012: Organizing/Purging 

Clean out clothes closet and drawers

Clean out and organize freezer, fridge, and pantry

Clean/organize  hall closet

Clean/Organize coat closet

Clean/organize Kendall's toys (this will take days!)

Clean/Organize the office

Clean/Organize all the school stuff I brought home (take days!)

Clean/organize kitchen cabinets! 

Clean/Organize craft room

Clean/Organize Jewelry 


So, really it's not that long of a list.  In fact I think it is quite doable!  But, we will see about that on August 1st now won't we!!  I am sure I will find other things to add to this list as the months go on and that's OK as long as they get done as well:)

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend!


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Sonya said...

I plan to start on my big summer cleaning and organizing list after next week. We still have a few more days to be out of town and then I'll be ready to go!