Saturday, May 26, 2012

Project Life: Week 19-20

So now I am all caught up! LOVE it!!  I will print off this week's pictures and be prepared to share an updated PL Tuesday this week!! YAY!!!

Anyways I decided to share week 19 and 20 together because I didn't do any extras on these two weeks.  We did have a few important days (Chris' Birthday and Mother's day) but I still didn't have many pictures to share!! 

So, here goes Week 19:

This week was Chris' birthday and Derby. I included a piece of our Derby day non winning ticket!  I also have been wrapping up my classroom this week so I included some pictures of our hard work we completed this school year!! Kendall and I also got in the pool for the first time this year this week:)

Week 20:

This week was mother's day!  I included a few pictures from mother's day!  My obsession with Jessica Simpson and some things I brought home from school:)  We also had field day this week and I wanted to include that as well:)  I love the green colors of this layout!

I hope you will join me on Tuesday for an updated version of PL Tuesday!! 

Have a great weekend everyone:)

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Sonya said...

I saw that one of your cards said you were looking for a different job. I'm looking too. Praying I find something else for next year because I don't want to return to my current school.