Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Project Life Week 15

I know I am pretty far behind, but I still wanted to share all of my Layouts for each week this year.  So, I am going to back it up a little bit and I will share a few pages a week until I have them all on here! 

So, here is my Project Life:  Week 15!

I am using the Amber Edition.  I thought I was using Clementine for the longest time, but really I am just losing my mind!  And if it isn't the Amber Edition someone tell me that I am still crazy:)  I love this kit because it is all of my favorite colors and really they go with ANYTHING!  I have found a few add ons as well that go great with it as well, but I don't do a whole lot of adding on:)  I do use the thickers you will see in this layout quite a bit because they go with the kit I bought. I recently bought some washi tape that goes well with the kit also.  You will see that in the next few layouts. I have gone a bit crazy with it:)

So, here is my week!

Some of the things I love about this week's layout are:

- I was able to capture Easter and all the important moments of that day by adding an extra insert this week!

- I love using the stickers to label both Easter and Spring Break so that they will quickly stand out as important days and weeks when we flip through our book in the future!

-I love using 6X12 pages to hold our cards.  My husband refuses to throw out any card so this has saved me from having another years worth of cards boxed up!  I LOVE this:)

I just love everything about Project Life and love selling the idea to everyone I talk pictures/scrapbooking to!  Not because I get paid, but because I believe in this product THAT much:)

Thanks for stopping by and I sure hope you will come back soon!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeeee these!! Cute cute cute photos for this weeks PL and loving how you added the Easter cards!!

Lois said...

love the laptop cover!

kate adderley said...

love all the bright pretty colours and tha lap top cover is a beauty, that little dog is so cute, the expression on her face for the pic is awesome- looks like she's saying , oh no not again LOL