Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kendall's Swimming Pool!

I am mainly posting this for my own memory, but I hope you enjoy my cute girls pictures as well:)

We started swimming lessons about 10 weeks ago and have LOVED them.  I never thought Kendall would take off with it like she did.  Clearly she can't swim yet, but she is a little more aware of herself in a pool and goes under water well if I make her!

I couldn't wait to see how she would do in our swimming pool and we got to see it this weekend!!  She LOVED it and did so good!

I bought her a floatie that she puts on her arms like swimmies, but also has a little belt in front of her and it doesn't go up to her face like a life jacket and it is perfect for her to swim in....she didn't want us near her in the pool.  It was so funny!  She had to swim by herself.  She would say "Kendall do it herself!" 

We had so much fun with her swimming this weekend and I know that this summer will be so much fun in the pool!!

 I am so proud of her.  Tonight was her last night of swimming lessons and we are sad to see it end, but next week we start Gymnastics and it will be SO much fun!!
And because we had so much fun and she's a cutie.  Here is a pic of us finger painting the other day as well:)

Happy almost Friday everyone!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My first (nonfamily) Photoshoot

My friend Jess is getting married and I took their engagement pictures tonight.  I thought I would share a few that I edited!  Let me know what you think:)
I took 297 pictures!!  Trying to weed through them now to choose the best ones!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Project Life: Week 21

Welcome to an updated to date version of PL Tuesday! It's been a month or so since I have been up to date and I LOVE it!!   So, let's talk about this week!!

I can't tell you every single week how much I LOVE this way of documenting our life.  This is my third year doing this and by far my favorite year of all.  I have had so much fun with this year's PL because I decided to do a weekly layout vs. a daily picture.  It took so much stress off of me simply because some days I take 100s of pictures and other days I don't take any!  And I have come to be OK with that!!

I am using the Amber Edition of Project Life and again it's my favorite so far.  It's because the colors and designs in this album are SO me:)  Moving on....

This was the first week of summer for us and we didn't do anything too big so I didn't have any extra inserts this week and that's OK with me because I am quite sure there will be some by the end of the summer:)

Sorry my pictures aren't the best. It is pouring down rain here and it looks like it's nine at night so there wasn't much natural light to work with today!

 I have to say that I orginially liked the idea of cuting the picture of Jess, Rhonda, and I but once I did it and saw that it literally cut Jess in half I am thinking I will have to reprint the picture and do something a little different!!
I love using this style page protectors (I am so sorry Becky, I am so not good with the letter name of each page protector (I call her Becky cause were friends ya know and I am pretty sure she reads my blog I know just let me think it OK!!?))  This picture isn't the greatest but like I said above.....I love the picture of My BFF and I Jess:)

Ok I wanted to share a few other things with you before I leave you!  First, last week Jessica mentioned that she was starting a new album and my little brain was thinking wow her album must be full...then.....I took a closer look at mine and thought wow I just might have to start a new one as well...CRAZY I say!!
Look at this book!  I'll have to make a purchase quite soon I would say!

 Second, I have to share that I went through some things in my craft room, mainly the stacks of things that I didn't know what to do with, and decided to do this with the few decorations from a sweet girls party that I just couldn't part with:
And lastly, although Kendall is only 2 she still creates us some wonderful art work from time to time. We have the best sitter who also likes to work with them as well.  She has done two different pages that look like the one below and I am going to put the other on the opposite side of this page as soon as I locate it:)  I know that I can't keep all of her artwork, but I do pick and choose because she is so little it's few and far between right now and I love it!!  You notice I LOVE a lot of things lately?  It's summer OK!!
Well if you made it through this entire post you are definitely a trooper and thank you and please come back soon!!  If  you haven't come from Jessica's blog please take a moment and stop by her great Project Life Tuesday Post and link up!
The Mom Creative
Have a great day!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Refurbished Picture Frames

I have lived in our home for almost 5 years now and I have decided it's time to do some redecorating just a bit!!  I am excited to start this adventure this summer, but my goal is to not spend a lot of money and to refurbish what we already have to decorate!

I am so not an interior decorator either.  Thank goodness for Pinterest because I can just copy cat some ideas that aren't mine or my neighbors!:)

So, this weekend I decided that these dull frames hanging on the way needed to go!

They were looking a little dreadful and boring and I was ready for a change!

At first I was going to paint them this color:
But, when I put them on the wall they resembled the color on the way so much that I didn't like it so I decided to use the same color but add white to lighten it up just a bit and this is what I ended up with!

I think they turned out pretty cute! I am still not sold on them and still not convinced that I won't paint over them this week sometime, but for now they are hanging and I like them alright!

I found this pin on Pinterest that led me to the blog: Simple as That  Cutest stinkin' blog I have found in a long time you should definitely check it out:)   That is where I got all the quotes that are in the frames!  I didn't have any new pictures that I wanted to put in them so I just used these quotes for now!  I might eventually take one or two out when we get back from the beach and put a family picture in one of them!!

So, here is my next project:
This hasn't been changed since I moved in five years ago.  Well, I am going to paint the frame a different color and then I have two different ideas for it....either a chalk board...or a wired frame! I have two pillows on my couch upstairs that I am using for all of my inspiration...I will take a picture of them when I post the finished product of this frame:)

And now I am rambling so I better go:)

PS I LOVE summer time!!

PPS linking up to three great blogs tonight!!

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  Have a great week friends!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Splash Park in Louisville: Creekside!

If you are a local and you read my blog you must visit this place!!  It's a splash park called Creekside off Beckley Station Rd. in St. Matthews!  You must visit!

It is the cleanest park I have ever been too.  I know it's rather new, but the equipment it durable and so very nice.  Not only is it a splash park, but it is also a playground.  The playground was a favorite. I liked it because it had a big kid area and a little kid area so there was plenty for all to do!!

Here are a few pictures of Kendall and her friends at the splash park! 

 The water was a little chilly, but it was 90 degrees the day that we went so it didn't feel too bad! I guess that is the only down fall of a splash park the water doesn't sit in the sun so it doesn't get warm! 
 The girls took a little warming up, but eventually they were running around playing!

 They loved putting their feet over the fountains when they would turn off and wait for them to shoot back out!
It wasn't too packed, but Jefferson County is still in school so I am sure once they are out it will be WILD!!

Now here are a few pictures of Kendall playing on the playground.  She loved the swing the most!

 Looking at the big kids area that Kendall wasn't allowed to climb on!  Maybe next year:)
 Swinging like a big girl!
 She makes me so nervous doing this because I am so scared she will fall off by letting go.  But, she did such a good job holding on tight!

 She liked this big chair swing as well. I'll be honest I wanted to sit in it and swing too!
 Another great thing about the playground equipment is that it isn't dark. It's light colored so it doesn't get too hot.
Now it was 90 degrees when we were there so I am not going to say that it wasn't warm, but it wasn't unbearable like those dark colored slides by our home!!

So, if you are local PLEASE check this out. If you have already leave me a message and let me know what you thought of it!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Project Life: Week 19-20

So now I am all caught up! LOVE it!!  I will print off this week's pictures and be prepared to share an updated PL Tuesday this week!! YAY!!!

Anyways I decided to share week 19 and 20 together because I didn't do any extras on these two weeks.  We did have a few important days (Chris' Birthday and Mother's day) but I still didn't have many pictures to share!! 

So, here goes Week 19:

This week was Chris' birthday and Derby. I included a piece of our Derby day non winning ticket!  I also have been wrapping up my classroom this week so I included some pictures of our hard work we completed this school year!! Kendall and I also got in the pool for the first time this year this week:)

Week 20:

This week was mother's day!  I included a few pictures from mother's day!  My obsession with Jessica Simpson and some things I brought home from school:)  We also had field day this week and I wanted to include that as well:)  I love the green colors of this layout!

I hope you will join me on Tuesday for an updated version of PL Tuesday!! 

Have a great weekend everyone:)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Project Life: Week 18

Thought I would take a few minutes to share with you week 18..I believe that is what week it is!!!  This was a fun week to do because a few important things happened!

1.  We got smashed by a hail storm!
2. I went to Colorado for work.
3.  Kendall stayed home with daddy!

So, I was going for the week, but I snatched Chris' phone because I wanted to make sure I captured their week in PL as well!! 

I used one extra insert this week. One side features our hail storm and the other side is the pictures Chris took of Kendall while I was gone!

My Colorado pictures are on the two main pages of the layout! 


I love these pages for these reasons:

It really captures what Kendall did while I was gone:  Ride in Chris' truck a lot haha!
I love to look at our pictures form Boulder.
The hail storm is something that we definitely won't forget. It looked like a tornado had run through our yard.  It riped tree limbs and leaves off the trees.  And we got a new roof out of it!
I love the green colors of this layout they were so much fun!

I hope you enjoyed this week as much I did!  I'll be back with Week 19 soon!!  Almost all caught up!!!