Saturday, April 21, 2012

Work: Thinking Strategies

First, I am not quite sure I really enjoy this new blogger look...I hate when they fix things when it's not broken, but that seems to happen quite a often in my life. 

Well, I have known about this for months, but have just decided to share on my blog.  I am going a work related trip...something I thought I would NEVER do...something I thought I would have the opportunity to do...something I never really wanted to do haha...but it is an experience I will probably never get again and an amazing opportunity and will look quite nice on my resume;)

I am leaving next Sunday to go to Denver, Colorado for four days.  I am sooooo sad to leave Kendall and Chris like brings me to tears sad, but I am sure they will manage.  I have never ever been away from Kendall longer than a night so this will be different for sure.  I am so lucky to be going with some of my best friends though.

I also wish it wasn't the week of Derby.  There are so many fun things in our city that week and I hate that I have to miss them!

Last spring I was given the opportunity to go to another county in our state for a Thinking Strategies Institute.  We implemented it hardcore in our school this year (like way too hardcore IMO, but that is another post in itself!)  When I say hardcore I mean I had teachers and coaches from other schools in my classroom observing what was so "great" about thinking strategies.  It is's changed my thought process on teaching especially reading...I even had a University person that is considered an "expert" come to my room and watch and she had great things to say!

So, my reason for writing this post is:

1.  Does anyone read my blog from Colorado or ever been to Colorado this time of year and know what the weather is like now? I know that I can look it up, but 60 degrees in Louisville can be quite different than 60 degrees in another state. 

I know I don't share much on here about my teaching profession or what I do with my students often, but maybe when I come back I will share some of my inspiration with you!

And of course I can't leave this post without a sweet picture of my sweet girl that I will miss so much while I am gone:)
 She looks thrilled to have her picture taken haha!


Shelli said...

It sounds like a great opportunity for you! It will be tough leaving Kendall but it's exciting to go on a trip!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I know it will be hard to leave her... but it sounds like a great trip! I know they are a higher elevation than most states... so it will be colder because of that... and it's also drier than KY... so it feels colder because of that too!

Abby Devine said...

You will have a great time... enjoy yourself!! Wally and Kendall will be just fine :o) And when you return... lets plan something!!! Dinner? And we can get Chris and Jess to go!