Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Project Life Tuesday Week ???

I am a week behind and keeping up with what week it is I can't!

I love linking up every Tuesday, because even though I am a week behind, I still feel like I am accountable in some way for my PL and I am keeping up with it!  I don't mind being a week behind, especially since I have my pictures for this week just need to do it!  Hopefully I will have an extra PL post this week!!

Remember I am using the Amber edition and I have also taken the weekly approach rather than the monthly approach.  It was much easier and stress free to not have to worry about a picture every single day!!

This week I have no extra pages.  I love that some weeks I have 2 or 3 inserts and some weeks I have none.  This album is already so much fun to look at and I will definitely keep my album approach the same for the next few years!!

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy our week in Pictures!

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The Mom Creative


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Soooooo cute!! I swear... every time I see Kendall... I smile!!!

Sara said...

Layout looks great! I'm sure you will catch up this week. I can't believe you are sweating it! I'm amazed that you work and keep up as well as you do! Nice job lady! I also love the flexibility of this project. Some weeks I'm much more motivated than others. I think Ali blogged about how she views her album as a whole, not just on week by week. I was looking at some of the earlier weeks in my album and like it so much more now than I did when I was doing it. Keep up the good work!!!

Abby Devine said...

Are those Gigi's cupcakes.... if so, aren't they just the best??