Thursday, April 12, 2012

Macbook Cover: Make it Yourself!

I have been drooling over some super cute Macbook covers for quite a while.  I got this book, One Yard Wonders at school the other day from the book lady and when I saw that it had a laptop cover tutorial I was all over it!

I went to Hobby Lobby picked out these super cute fabrics and was on my way...

So, the first night I spent two hours working hard on this cover only to discover that I had made it a tad too short...

So, night two I decided to do a few things a little differently, like make it a little longer, add some pockets to the front, and a flap at the top.....AND


I love it.

It's not perfect....But, I made it all by myself and it didn't cost me a whole lot:)

So proud of myself:)

I am going to Colorado in a few weeks for work and really wanted something to protect my Macbook on this trip so I was thrilled to complete this.

Now I wish I could share the tutorial with you, but this is about as  good as I can do!

1.Measure the laptop length and width.  I then added 2 1/4 inches to both sides.  (The first time I didn't do this, because the pattern I was following said otherwise, but then mine was too short!)

2.Cut four pieces of fabric at that length and two pieces of batting at that length.

3.Sew the batting to two pieces of fabric with right sides together (so you have fabric, fabric, and then batting)  Do this with both sets of batting and fabric

4.Then sew all this together!  With right sides together so that you can flip it through and have pretty edges!

5.I added the flap....I also added a pocket which was just added to a piece of the fabric before I sewed it together with the batting.

6. To add the flap I just cut out a piece of fabric sewed the ends together and then sewed this to the inside of the back of my cover!

Oh the measurements of my pocket you ask?  Oh well see I didn't measure that at all!  Just made sure it was the same width as the other four pieces of fabric....Like I was saying I am not big on patterns or measurements.  I just sorta wing it, which is probably why I had to complete this project TWICE:)

Clear as mud you say?

If you have any questions I will definitely try to help you:)

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Shelli said...

That turned out great! I need that book!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

This turned out AWESOME!! LOVE it!

Savannah said...

WOW! Great work, my friend. The Book Lady has the BEST deals!

Savannah said...
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Bonnie and Trish @ Uncommon said...

This is so great! I love the fabrics you chose, too! Thanks for sharing with us this week!

Take care,


Rebecca Aguilar said...

Love your blog.
Just found the instructions.
We made you one of our top 5 picks as best craft bloggers in July.

Keep up the great work!