Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Tidbits!

Can I say that I LOVE three day weekends! I am so excited that tomorrow we have the day was suppose to be a snow makeup day so I didn't think we would really get to enjoy this day off, but we have had NO snow days this year which is a NEVER. 

Kendall and I have no big plans so we are just gonna hang around the house and maybe go to lunch with my mom..we are going to our church fish fry tomorrow night and I am excited...LOVE their fish!

WE have had the craziest weather here all winter long.   I can't even remember a winter like this in my lifetime.  We always have one good snow that sticks around for a few days.

Monday we woke to the prettiest snow I have ever snow..It was that white thick snow that didn't stick to the roads, but to everything else and I thought it was so pretty, but guess what it was gone by 2 because it was 60 on Monday, yesterday it was 70, and today rainy and 50...I think our weather has a little problem with making up it's mind:)

Kendall saw the snow on Monday and that was the first time since last winter that she has been out in it.  Of course last year when she saw it she wasn't we didn't hear "Oh no mommy my shoes"  or "Oh nooooo get off!"  She wasn't a fan of the snow on her was cute. I wish we could have played in it but we had to get to work and the sitters and it was gone when we got home!  Oh well there is always next winter.  I say this because I am done with snow and ready for SPRING!

Yes I love Spring..My husband reminded me tonight that Valentine's was a month ago, so I guess this weekend I just might bust out the spring decor and I am so OK with that!  Think I will start tomorrow:)

Oh and there is a little special girls Minnie Party coming up in two weeks that I should probably get to working out:)

Have a great weekend ya'll


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

She is tooooo cute!!!! I loveeeee the photos!!

Maggi said...

What pretty snow! I doubt we'll get any here this year!

Genn said...

How pretty all that snow is!!

Enjoy the fish fry! Sounds fun.