Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random Wednesday!

Ya'll I can't even believe that today is the LAST day of February!  It doesn't even seem possible!    But, tomorrow is the first day of March and 24 days til my little baby girl turns 2....can't believe that either:)
So, this is just a random post of random thoughts!

- I have to get a MOVE on with Kendall's birthday party details..we only have a few short days until we are throwing this party and I wanna make sure everything is done and perfect!  I have a sweet friend that is making her cake and I can't wait to share it with you all!

-Today the kids and I counted to figure out how many more days they would be first graders (me-I was counting to see how many more school days til summer vacation!)  Guess what?  Only 50 more school days...this school year is 2/3 over...I can't even believe that flew...even the dreadful months of January and February...

-I have been doing Couch to 5K for almost 2 weeks now...and I am doing it...and that's about all I can say about that...I just don't know if I am cut out for being a runner...I hope I can build that endurance up, but just jogging for a minute and a half right now is such a struggle for me!

-It has been beautiful here the past two days...I mean georgous!  I can't believe the great weather we have had...we walked to the park on Monday and Kendall played for a while and then cried the whole way home because she wasn't ready to leave...I have a feeling that our summer is going to be full of outside times and I LOVE it!

-I signed Kendall up for swim lessons and I think I am way more excited than anyone in this house...She starts the week before her birthday and I am so excited for her...she loves to swim in the tub so I hope that the pool will be just as fun for her!

-So I have no self control and I started the second book of The Hunger Games...I couldn't resist..I had to do it and so I am only letting myself read a few pages a night and then I can hog it all this weekend!

I think that's all I have to share for now...Hope ya'll are having a great week...maybe next week I will have a Make it Wednesday with a few of Kendall's Birthday details to share!

Happy Wednesday:)


Loopylou. said...

squeeeee kendall is too cute! I love the piccy of the 2 of you!
I can't wait to send her care bear, hope it gets to you before her birthday!!
huge hugs Lou xxx

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Adorable photos!!! Can't believe she is gonna be two all ready!!! Time really does fly!

Shelli said...

Great photos! We hit up the park yesterday too! I can't wait to see all your party ideas and your opinion on book #2!

dawn said...

I liked your pictures and reading about what's new. Congrats on having an almost 2yearold, it does go by fast so enjoy every minute.

It's been nice out for us to and I love it, CMON SPRING!!

The year has gone by fast and I'm already thinking of summer break, it's fun and not fun when the kids are home all that time.

Such a cutie she is, love the photos!

WeeMason's Reader said...

Mason is in swim class right now and he LOVES it!! He gets more and more confident in the water all the time!

Does she like her trike? We were thinking of getting Mason one like that for his birthday in March :o)

Sonya said...

Cute pictures! I think we are down to 54 days left. I know the last day is May 21st and I'm hoping that the snow day chances are over! It's been nice here too. Of course the pattern has been really beautiful during the week, cooler & yucky during the weekend and then nice again for the week!

Abby Devine said...

Love that pic of you two! She will love swim lessons, we did them every year for a couple years when we were growing up. Loved it!

Sara said...

Love, Love, Love these pictures of you two! Isn't it crazy how fast time can go by! She is just adorable! Happy early b-day K!!!