Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project Life Tuesday: Week 7

Welcome back to Week 7 of PL!  Time sure flies when you are completing this project weekly:)  I thought I would share a little of my history of PL....I started this project two years ago.  The January before I had my daughter!  I kept up with it really well until about November of that year....The following year I didn't keep up at all and spent the better part of November and December completely catching up.  After spending all that time catching up I decided to start completing each layout weekly.  It has worked great for me and it literally takes 30-45 minutes to complete these layouts! 

Yesterday I spent a lot of my day going through old pictures that my husbands family had thrown in cardboard boxes. All I could think about the whole time we were doing this was what if these pictures were in PL!!  How awesome would it before for us to be looking at someones memory keeping/journaling through PL.  The pictures tell a story but how cool would it have been to see the writing of the people taking the pictures and their stories behind them!  It just reiterated my reasoning and the importance I feel for PL!

So, here are my layouts for this week!

The view from the left side.
The view with a 6X12 on each side.

The view from the right side.

The left layout

The right layout
This week I took two 6X12 pages and cut them down to include our Valentines.  I put my Valentine from Chris and the kids at school in one and Chris and Kendall's in another!  I love this because to be honest as much as I LOVE cards it's so hard to decide what to do with them at the end of the season! I hate to box them away so now every time we open our PL album we will see these cards and it makes me so excited!!

We didn't have anything this week so I have a pretty simple layout!

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

LOL!! Loving the pic of the pull up on her head!! Tooooo cute!!! And loving that you included the little Valentine's!!

camilla said...

Good to know there are others out there who are potty training too. How often does she get a treat? Does she have to stay dry all day?

Love your pages!

Tina said...

great looking layouts - love seeing everyone's take on these PL weekly check ins.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me such nice words.

Have a great week.

dawn said...

What a great week of photos you have. I couldn't agree more of how awesome PROJECT LIFE is, wish my mom could have done this while I was growing up. This will be so treasured for years to come. Doing this album weekly has been the best and easiest for me.

Kendall's room is so pretty, love the wall by her bed. Good luck with the potty training. With all my kids I found that putting stickers on a special paper in the bathroom helped better then treats. It seemed we argued more over the treats then using the potty. Oh and painting their nails while they are on the potty and special fun books to read helped too.
It is nice to have our cards included with this holiday instead of packed away.
Have a good week!

Abby Devine said...

Love how you kept all the Vday cards and used them. I am doing the same. I never know what to do with stuff like that that I want to save... and know the answer is Project Life!!
P.S. I hope Kendall still likes to vacuum in 5 years for you too :o)

Maggi said...

So cute, love the diaper on her head! lol

Sonya said...

I had to share after reading the first part about the pictures you found...Yesterday I was cleaning out the closet where I have my Project Life albums stored. I ended up rearranging a few albums to fit in to Project Life albums that I've done over the last two years that were originally separate. Then I found another scrapbook where I had done some pages, but others had pictures & paper but had not been started. I used some Project Life page protectors for the pictures, put the paper in the giveaway pile and called it a day! It was such a great feeling!

Jessica said...

I was just wondering how your treat jar was going for the potty training. :) I'm sure she'll catch on soon. Love the care bears! Great shot with the diaper on her head. LOL! Hugs, Jessica

kate adderley said...

love the story on Kendalls treat jar, uummm, potty training brings back memories

kate adderley said...

love the story on Kendalls treat jar, uummm, potty training brings back memories

Chris Coryell said...

Love the picture of the pullup on your daughter's head...so hilarious!! I feel the same way about past pictures. I'm working backwards on 2011 & I'm enjoying it.

Hope you have a great week!


Susanne said...

thanks for stopping by my blog.
love your pages--like how you added cute cards too. that pic of your daughter with the pullup on her head is so funny!