Thursday, February 16, 2012

Make It Wednesday on Thursday: Smash IT!

For Christmas my sweet friend Jen got me a Smash Book.  Never heard of them?  I was going to link up a few places to find more info, but you must just google Smash Book there is so much creativeness out there with it right now!  My sweet Blogger Friend Maggie recently posted a few of her pages from her smash book go check her out!  Maggie has an unbelievable eye for mixed medias!!
 So here is the outside of a Smash book!  It comes with it's own pen.  One side of the pen is glue the other a pen! 
 And here are some of the fun extras that you can get to go along with your Smash book! 

And here is my problem with completing a Smash book! I like for things to have a plan, a flow, a theme, a meaning...well you get the point.  Smash book, in my opinion isn't meant for that. I was scared too death of this book, because I couldn't find a theme for it!  Then I decided heck I am just gonna go with it and see what I come up with.  I can't really say I don't have a plan for it and I will share that with you in a few minutes, but I have to say that this took me stepping way out of the box and completing something out of my element...and....I LOVED it!!
 So, here are a few blank pages from the Smash book.  You will see that they aren't exactly blank.  I am liking the pages in my book because I think I can use some of the already added embellishments to add to my pages, DUH I am sure that is totally the idea of a SMASH book....And here is the first page of my SMASH book!
 I decided to do take a few pictures and a finished piece of Kendall's finger paint and make a first page. 
 Here is the left side!  I used some Mickey thickers on the title.
 And I love these extra photo holders. I loved journaling on this page.  I thought it turned out really cute if I say so myself.  You will notice that I used what was part of the page and just added the letters and photo card around it!
Here is the right side of the page with the added finger painted heart.  I also added some of the things that Kendall said when we were finger painting that night.  

So, my plan, because you know I have to have one!  When I was in high school we loved using magazine clippings to create pages in our letter notebooks.  yeah each of my friends and I had notebooks that we wrote notes back and forth in!  Anyways  I thought that this book could be a Smashed mess of all parts of our lives not just Kendall's!  Of course she will be in here bits and pieces, but I also want to add everyday pieces of our lives to this book. I think it will be a fun way to use my creativity and keep some of the things that we want to keep but have no place for it.  I also plan on adding a few pages of my goals and other things as the year goes on.  I would love to do a few pages every month and of course if needed I will definitely buy another Smash I have a plan, but I really don't have a plan and that makes NO sense at all but I am OK with that!!

Jen bought my Smash book at Archivers and I really don't know where else you can purchase these books, but I do know that right now they are 30percent off at Archivers (I was not asked to write that, but wanted to share with you a great deal!)

Are you a Smash booker?  Will you become a Smash booker?  What ideas do you have for this book?  Do you have any suggestions for me!!  Would love to hear them:)


Maggi said...

Love your plan for your Smash! Looks like you've gotten off to a great start, aren't they fun??? And thanks for the kind words, they are so appreciated!


Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

Looks great. I have 3 smash books going. 1 real 1 & 2 altered notebooks.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeeeee your plans you have for this project...and love love love the pages you shared here! I am LOVING that you included Kendall's heart/hands piece!!