Friday, February 17, 2012

Kendall's Clothes

Sunday I spent the day going through Kendall's closets and clothes and getting some things put away that don't fit her.  This was a long overdue process, but hey I got it done and that's what matters:)
That is the container that I used to put everything away!  Filled to the top like the other 15 or so bins from the first almost two years of her life!  So sad that she has way more clothes than I ever have lol...but that's what happens!
One thing that I decided to buy for Kendall's room was a new rug.  The other rug was super cute, but it was getting yucky. It had a lot of white on it, and now that Kendall is playing in her room we just can't handle all that white, so we donated it to Chris and Brad's gym and got this one.  This pink one isn't as big as the other, but it actually works perfect and I like it and that's what matters!
Look how bare her closet it!  The older she gets the less clothes in her closet haha.  ALL of those hangers were once hanging clothes when she was a newborn.  Can you believe that.  I kept having to buy new hangers because we were running out.  That's not even all of them! I put a bunch in a drawer because they were overflowing the closet!  Her closet looks much better now that I went through everything and reorganized her clothes!
Of course we didn't want the closet to be too bare for too long, so I went ahead and got her a few new things!  I love those pjs and can't wait to see her cute butt wearing those things!  The other three are just a few spring things that she will be able to wear when the weather starts warming up here hopefully in the next few weeks!
These are some of my favorites!  I love the jumper to the right. If I had it my way she would just live in these jumpers in the summer time.  I love the middle one as well. I am just ready for summer can you tell!  Oh and will you believe that the jumper is a 3T? Crazy I know..Kendall isn't a big girl but I am finding that the older she gets the smaller clothes seem to run?  Anyone else notice that?
Oh we have a shoe obsession in this house and I am sure Daddy is in for it in a few years.  Note to self NO more pink sandals for the girl. 
I took this picture because I wanted ya'll to see how bare her bow holders are getting. I don't know where they are going, but I guess it's time for this momma to start making some more bows!
I also got Kendall this super cute Minnie sheet. I have been looking for a minnie crib sheet everywhere and finally found one at Toys R US on Sunday! So stinkin' cute!
Kendall still sleeps in her crib and I am hoping to keep her in her crib until she is 3!!  Think we can?? I am betting probably not because she is getting so tall and she will probably outgrow this bed!  Haha I'll keep you posted!!

Happy Friday! I am so ready for the weekend:)  No big plans, but we do have an auction to go to on Saturday and those are always fun!


MissMal said...

Where did you buy her new summer outfits from? I am trying to find jumpers for my little girl.

Shelli said...

Her room is adorable! If you have any monogrammed Kendall or K clothes you want to sell let me know! ;) I, too, have a billion hangers in K's closet. Do you shop the little treasures consignment sale?
I love having Kendall in jumpers during the warmer months. I wish I had cute clothes to match my girl!

Abby Devine said...

That jumper is just too freakin cute!! I love it! She is one stylish girl!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I know you are supposed to have them out of the crib once they can walk/stand steady (I think for Brookie it was 2) cause they can climb out... but then fall.. yeahhhhhhh it happened to us! lol!! I loveeeee her room and her Minnie bedding!! Just toooooooo cute!! I love love love her clothes too! And I am hoping the clothes DO run small, Brookie is only five and wears a size 8-10!! Crazy!! No more "cute" clothes for her ... nope, she only fits into the teeny-bopper clothes :(

Maggi said...

I was hoping to keep Toot in her crib longer but then she started jumping ship in the middle of the night. LOL

Love those outfits and shoes, I so need to go through the girls stuff and clean out!

Savannah said...

Kendall's new clothes are ADORABLE!!! She is one stylin' girl!