Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kendall Did It

We are in the process of slowly potty training Kendall.  She will be two next month and I am hoping that in the next few weeks we can start hitting it really hard!

Any time she goes potty she always puts her hands in the air and says Kendall did it!  And we always give her a treat.  If you think that's bad just turn your head for this post:)

I decided to take an old jar that we have had FOREVER and cutesy it up just a little bit for her treats!
 Here is the old jar!
 I used my Cricut and this fun Chalkstock to make a rectangle using the George and Basic shapes cart (Boy has Cricut come a long way since that cart!)
 I just picked up the Chalkstock at Hobby Lobby with the specialty papers!  I used a 40 off coupon so one sheet is a little over a dollar!
 I used my paint marker and wrote Kendall did it on the chalkstock!
 Then I added it the jar and filled with some of her treats.  To be fair there are some bouncy balls in there so it's not all candy!!
One last look! I figured once she is potty trained we can wipe off Kendall did it and put something else.  Or we can just keep Kendall did it and use it for other milestones!

Hope everyone has a great week!


Savannah said...

Love this project! Can't believe she is already potty-training. Time flies!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Such a cute idea!! LOVE it!

jacque4u2c said...

It looks fantastic! Sheesh already 2 - so hard to believe!

Dawn said...

What a fun and cute idea....!

Loopylou. said...

he he he he!! thats awesome hun!! i think kendall definitely deserves a treat for the potty! ...though I simply cannot believe she is 2 next month??!!! :) wowzers that has whooshed by!!
huge hugs Lou xxx

Shelli said...

Kendall did it! That is so cute! My mom awarded me with the colored mini marshmallows so I plan on using treats when it's time for potty training too!
I am borrowing my aunt's cricut and have no clue what I can do with it. Any advice for beginners?

Maggi said...

What a cute jar! Go Kendall!

Amanda said...

I think using rewarding treats when potty training is just fine as well. I will be doing the same thing when I start potty training Emma. Good Luck, hope it goes well! Hope Kendall and you have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Abby Devine said...

Love this... great idea and incentive for her to continue to do good!!! You make everything so fun and creative!