Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Tidbits!

Here's a few tidbits of our life this week!  Happy Friday TGIF anyone????  I was so stinkin' ready for the weekend!
 Don't mind the fact that my daughter looks like a hot mess in these pics.  That's the way we roll these days.  With cherry Popsicle on us and everything!
-Might have already shared this and as you can see scattered through out this post Kendall finally got a Care Bear!  She got three...her sweet Aunt Kathleen had a friend that bought a few when they became popular again a few years ago and so she sent them home with Kendall a few weeks ago.  I tried to take a few pictures of Kendall with her bears and this is what I got...and this is what I get for trying to take pictures while bears was on the TV!!
I love this picture of Kendall trying to stick Bears hands together!  They hug each other.

-I am FINALLY getting my hair done on Saturday. I was suppose to get it done last week when I got sick and I don't like going too long without getting it's been too long and I am READY!

-We are going to take Kendall to see Elmo live in March and I can't wait...I am secretly more excited about it then she probably will be the whole time we are there!

-It's February and it feels like March or April.  The weather here is INSANE and that's why everyone and their momma is sick! On the good side of that we got to go outside EVERYDAY this week!  The kids NEED that 25 minutes of recess time and when it's cold there isn't much we do inside everyday so it's so nice to take them out!

-Kendall is in love with my Great Grandma, her Great, Great Grandma!  We call her Grandma Gill, but Kendall just calls her Gill.  She sees her every Wednesday now because Gill has been staying with my Grandma so when Kendall goes over there Wednesday she is there!  I love that Kendall gets to see her every week.  Makes me heart melt a little.  I left my camera with my Grandma on Wednesday and asked her to take a few pictures of them together! I couldn't wait to see my camera Wednesday afternoon!
 She loves to help Gill up and also loves to help her get around the house:)  Such a sweet little girl!
-I've really been watching what I have been eating lately.....ummmm...well as in I watch everything I see go into my mouth...UGH...I have got to get back on track when I got sick I just lost all hope in dieting and now I need to get BACK on track guys!  HELP me:)
-Did I already say I am excited about the weekend....OK....OK...well I will stop rambling now and let you enjoy your weekend!


Maggi said...

Toot loves the Care Bears too, she's after me to crochet her one. lol Enjoy your weekend!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Such cute cute cute photos.. loving the ones of Kendall and Great Grandma! So precious! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Abby Devine said...

She is just so stinkin cute... I love looking at pics of her. Love the one where she is putting bears hands together :o) such a great idea to leave the camera with your grandma to capture shots. she is lucky to have great-great and great grandparents alive!
Have a great weekend!