Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random Wednesday!

Ya'll I can't even believe that today is the LAST day of February!  It doesn't even seem possible!    But, tomorrow is the first day of March and 24 days til my little baby girl turns 2....can't believe that either:)
So, this is just a random post of random thoughts!

- I have to get a MOVE on with Kendall's birthday party details..we only have a few short days until we are throwing this party and I wanna make sure everything is done and perfect!  I have a sweet friend that is making her cake and I can't wait to share it with you all!

-Today the kids and I counted to figure out how many more days they would be first graders (me-I was counting to see how many more school days til summer vacation!)  Guess what?  Only 50 more school days...this school year is 2/3 over...I can't even believe that flew...even the dreadful months of January and February...

-I have been doing Couch to 5K for almost 2 weeks now...and I am doing it...and that's about all I can say about that...I just don't know if I am cut out for being a runner...I hope I can build that endurance up, but just jogging for a minute and a half right now is such a struggle for me!

-It has been beautiful here the past two days...I mean georgous!  I can't believe the great weather we have had...we walked to the park on Monday and Kendall played for a while and then cried the whole way home because she wasn't ready to leave...I have a feeling that our summer is going to be full of outside times and I LOVE it!

-I signed Kendall up for swim lessons and I think I am way more excited than anyone in this house...She starts the week before her birthday and I am so excited for her...she loves to swim in the tub so I hope that the pool will be just as fun for her!

-So I have no self control and I started the second book of The Hunger Games...I couldn't resist..I had to do it and so I am only letting myself read a few pages a night and then I can hog it all this weekend!

I think that's all I have to share for now...Hope ya'll are having a great week...maybe next week I will have a Make it Wednesday with a few of Kendall's Birthday details to share!

Happy Wednesday:)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Project Life Tuesday: Week 8

I am not even gonna lie I just finished these layouts a few minutes ago. I told you the Hunger Games ate my time this weekend!!  Anyways I have plans to make an insert for this week with a tribute to Chris' Grandpa.  I will do that this weekend when I do Week 9 of PL!  Can ya'll believe this week begins March!  CRAZY!

So here is my week. Here is the whole layout.  I added the Valentine Card that we give out to our families this week. I wanted to make sure we gave them all out before I put one in here!  Just a basic layout this week!

 Here is the left side of the layout!

And the right layout!

Hope you enjoy our week's layout!  Hoepfully I won't get too sucked into the books this weekend and will get my layouts done:)

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

It Got Me: The Hunger Games

This post will have no pictures and will probably be a total bore to you, but it's what I spent my weekend doing and I wouldn't want to forget it!

I can't believe I let me get it but I did. I asked my brother about the book The Hunger Game Trilogy by Suzanne Collins and his response Oh yeah I have all three of them and they are so good!

So my response...OK let me have them. And that was all she wrote.

For the past two days I have done nothing unless I had to which includes but is limited Kendall a bath (in which I sat by the tub with my book), going to church, Couch to 5K (That's another post in the works!) out to eat for a birthday celebration, sleeping, grocery, make sure Kendall is fed, and the UL game. Other than those things listed I have done nothing for the past 30 hours, but have my head in a book.

The Hunger Games is the first of the trilogy and was SO.Stinkin.Good. I was convinced I wouldn't like them because I have never been into books that are so famously popular such as Harry Potter or Twilight! But, this is different.....

So it is a trilogy and I have two books left. As much as I want to read them I can't let myself. I wont' start the second one until next weekend, because I have way too much going on to get that into a book again (like work and taking care of and paying attention to my husband and daughter!) SO, I am sure I will spend next weekend reading book number 2 and the following reading book number 3....

And this is why I don't let myself read anymore, because I just love a good book so much that I can't put it down, but my family survived and I finished the book, and my house is still intact...

And tomorrow is Monday and I can't wait for Friday night!!!

PS I was so into this book that I didn't even get my PL layout done for the week so guess what I will be doing tomorrow night when Kendall goes to bed:)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lent Season

Every year around this time we all think about something we want to give up or not do or something maybe that we want to do. I have been thinking about it for the past few days and have thought a lot about what I want to not do and what I want to do better!

So here is my list of what I hope to begin and continue far beyond the next 40 days (well all but maybe #1!)

#1: No soft drinks for the next 40 days! WHAT am I crazy...YEP...but I don't need them and it's a sacrifice that will be extremely beneficial to me. I only drink Big Red, but I was drinking way too many of them a might not know what that it, but it's just a type of cherry soda...I guess would be the easiest way to explain it.

#2: I would like to send out 40 cards in the next 40 days....they can be thank yous or just because. But, I love getting cards from people so I thought I would just start sending them out myself and brighten someones day...

#3 Limit my use of technology and social media. I have to admit my phone is attached to my hip. I love to check my email, facebook, and google reader 100 times a day. Is that really necessary and could I be doing something else with my time? ABSOLUTELY so I am working on making sure I don't have my phone out with company here or while Kendall is still awake. It is just a way to focus on the real life than what's on the web!

#4 Spend more time with Chris. We are together ALL the time, but we are usually upstairs while one is downstairs, on the computer while one is watching TV....well you get the point so I want to start being together and doing things together.

I know I have 4 things on here, but this is more than just lent for me. I feel like these are important things that I need to work on beyond just the next 40 days. But, if I can make it stick for 40 days then I can make it stick for the rest of the year! ya think? I do:)

Happy Lent Season to you!

Oh yeah I have to share this too..I did the first day of Couch to 5K and I might die! No really it wasn't too bad and I am totally motivated to continue and maybe just maybe a 5k is in the works:)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project Life Tuesday: Week 7

Welcome back to Week 7 of PL!  Time sure flies when you are completing this project weekly:)  I thought I would share a little of my history of PL....I started this project two years ago.  The January before I had my daughter!  I kept up with it really well until about November of that year....The following year I didn't keep up at all and spent the better part of November and December completely catching up.  After spending all that time catching up I decided to start completing each layout weekly.  It has worked great for me and it literally takes 30-45 minutes to complete these layouts! 

Yesterday I spent a lot of my day going through old pictures that my husbands family had thrown in cardboard boxes. All I could think about the whole time we were doing this was what if these pictures were in PL!!  How awesome would it before for us to be looking at someones memory keeping/journaling through PL.  The pictures tell a story but how cool would it have been to see the writing of the people taking the pictures and their stories behind them!  It just reiterated my reasoning and the importance I feel for PL!

So, here are my layouts for this week!

The view from the left side.
The view with a 6X12 on each side.

The view from the right side.

The left layout

The right layout
This week I took two 6X12 pages and cut them down to include our Valentines.  I put my Valentine from Chris and the kids at school in one and Chris and Kendall's in another!  I love this because to be honest as much as I LOVE cards it's so hard to decide what to do with them at the end of the season! I hate to box them away so now every time we open our PL album we will see these cards and it makes me so excited!!

We didn't have anything this week so I have a pretty simple layout!

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

An Angel Got His Wings

This morning a sweet Angel got His wings.  Chris' Grandpa went to the Lord this morning.  My sister in law said it best when said "grandpa is enjoying all of the sweet memories Alzheimer has taken away from him all these years."  I think that is so true. He is up there smiling down as he sees all the wonderful things that he didn't understand for so many years.

 Kendall is sitting on my mother in laws lap and that's her 3rd cousin, and her great grandparents this past Christmas.  So glad we have these sweet memories to hold on to.
We will celebrate his life the next two days and remember him forever. 

I know he's sitting up there with his favorite kitty Pumpkin smiling down on all of us!

Rest in Peace Grandpa.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Kendall's Clothes

Sunday I spent the day going through Kendall's closets and clothes and getting some things put away that don't fit her.  This was a long overdue process, but hey I got it done and that's what matters:)
That is the container that I used to put everything away!  Filled to the top like the other 15 or so bins from the first almost two years of her life!  So sad that she has way more clothes than I ever have lol...but that's what happens!
One thing that I decided to buy for Kendall's room was a new rug.  The other rug was super cute, but it was getting yucky. It had a lot of white on it, and now that Kendall is playing in her room we just can't handle all that white, so we donated it to Chris and Brad's gym and got this one.  This pink one isn't as big as the other, but it actually works perfect and I like it and that's what matters!
Look how bare her closet it!  The older she gets the less clothes in her closet haha.  ALL of those hangers were once hanging clothes when she was a newborn.  Can you believe that.  I kept having to buy new hangers because we were running out.  That's not even all of them! I put a bunch in a drawer because they were overflowing the closet!  Her closet looks much better now that I went through everything and reorganized her clothes!
Of course we didn't want the closet to be too bare for too long, so I went ahead and got her a few new things!  I love those pjs and can't wait to see her cute butt wearing those things!  The other three are just a few spring things that she will be able to wear when the weather starts warming up here hopefully in the next few weeks!
These are some of my favorites!  I love the jumper to the right. If I had it my way she would just live in these jumpers in the summer time.  I love the middle one as well. I am just ready for summer can you tell!  Oh and will you believe that the jumper is a 3T? Crazy I know..Kendall isn't a big girl but I am finding that the older she gets the smaller clothes seem to run?  Anyone else notice that?
Oh we have a shoe obsession in this house and I am sure Daddy is in for it in a few years.  Note to self NO more pink sandals for the girl. 
I took this picture because I wanted ya'll to see how bare her bow holders are getting. I don't know where they are going, but I guess it's time for this momma to start making some more bows!
I also got Kendall this super cute Minnie sheet. I have been looking for a minnie crib sheet everywhere and finally found one at Toys R US on Sunday! So stinkin' cute!
Kendall still sleeps in her crib and I am hoping to keep her in her crib until she is 3!!  Think we can?? I am betting probably not because she is getting so tall and she will probably outgrow this bed!  Haha I'll keep you posted!!

Happy Friday! I am so ready for the weekend:)  No big plans, but we do have an auction to go to on Saturday and those are always fun!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Make It Wednesday on Thursday: Smash IT!

For Christmas my sweet friend Jen got me a Smash Book.  Never heard of them?  I was going to link up a few places to find more info, but you must just google Smash Book there is so much creativeness out there with it right now!  My sweet Blogger Friend Maggie recently posted a few of her pages from her smash book go check her out!  Maggie has an unbelievable eye for mixed medias!!
 So here is the outside of a Smash book!  It comes with it's own pen.  One side of the pen is glue the other a pen! 
 And here are some of the fun extras that you can get to go along with your Smash book! 

And here is my problem with completing a Smash book! I like for things to have a plan, a flow, a theme, a meaning...well you get the point.  Smash book, in my opinion isn't meant for that. I was scared too death of this book, because I couldn't find a theme for it!  Then I decided heck I am just gonna go with it and see what I come up with.  I can't really say I don't have a plan for it and I will share that with you in a few minutes, but I have to say that this took me stepping way out of the box and completing something out of my element...and....I LOVED it!!
 So, here are a few blank pages from the Smash book.  You will see that they aren't exactly blank.  I am liking the pages in my book because I think I can use some of the already added embellishments to add to my pages, DUH I am sure that is totally the idea of a SMASH book....And here is the first page of my SMASH book!
 I decided to do take a few pictures and a finished piece of Kendall's finger paint and make a first page. 
 Here is the left side!  I used some Mickey thickers on the title.
 And I love these extra photo holders. I loved journaling on this page.  I thought it turned out really cute if I say so myself.  You will notice that I used what was part of the page and just added the letters and photo card around it!
Here is the right side of the page with the added finger painted heart.  I also added some of the things that Kendall said when we were finger painting that night.  

So, my plan, because you know I have to have one!  When I was in high school we loved using magazine clippings to create pages in our letter notebooks.  yeah each of my friends and I had notebooks that we wrote notes back and forth in!  Anyways  I thought that this book could be a Smashed mess of all parts of our lives not just Kendall's!  Of course she will be in here bits and pieces, but I also want to add everyday pieces of our lives to this book. I think it will be a fun way to use my creativity and keep some of the things that we want to keep but have no place for it.  I also plan on adding a few pages of my goals and other things as the year goes on.  I would love to do a few pages every month and of course if needed I will definitely buy another Smash I have a plan, but I really don't have a plan and that makes NO sense at all but I am OK with that!!

Jen bought my Smash book at Archivers and I really don't know where else you can purchase these books, but I do know that right now they are 30percent off at Archivers (I was not asked to write that, but wanted to share with you a great deal!)

Are you a Smash booker?  Will you become a Smash booker?  What ideas do you have for this book?  Do you have any suggestions for me!!  Would love to hear them:)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's Day. I know some people don't get into it that much, but I think it's fun for the kids.  Especially now that I have one and the kids I work with make it pretty fun too.  

Seriously I think the kids at school are more excited about Valentine's Day than Christmas!  It's so cute them giving each other cards...but I have to admit it's not my favorite time of the day at school!  Shoo it wears me to pieces!

I thought I would share some of our Valentine's Day fun with you!
 Sunday Kendall and I went to Target to pick up some treats for her sweet friends at the sitters. 
 I made all of the kids these little boxes with a sucker, bouncy ball, and mini M&Ms (which I am addicted to right now!)
 We also baked cupcakes!  I wish I knew how to icing cupcakes really cute, but I don't so I just did what I could!
 We bought Tripp this cute little Smurf book!  Can't wait to give it to him:)
 Kendall's goodies.  You notice a Minnie Theme?  Unfortunately there are no care bear things so she gets her second favorite Minnie!
 And here are my goodies!  First, from Chris and Kendall some Louisville PJs and Elements for my MAC book!  So super excited about elements! I have been dying to buy some of the Jessica Sprague, Becky Higgins, Project life elements and now I finally can!!  Yeah me!!
 This cute little cup came from one of my students.  It had yummy carmel filled hershey kisses!  (Reason 253 as to why I can't get back to good eating habits!)
 And all of my Valentine Cards.  They are so funny and cute to read! Normally I would read them and toss them, but now I am going to put them in my PL album! 
 And you think one of my parents is on Pinterest?  I do!  This was the cutest little gift.  I thought so even if I am not a smores girl!!
 And here is one of my Valentines.  Notice a trend in pictures these days?  Kendall loves to lay on "mommy's bed' and watch Bears or Mickey.  I never thought I would see the day that this girl would sit for longer than five minutes and watch TV.  But, it has come! Luckily she does it for a while but still gets up quite a bit so I am not too worried about her TV habits just yet!
And my mom found these bears shirts the other day and bought Kendall five of them haha.  They had a bunch of different ones and she couldn't pick.  Plus Care Bears are sooo hard to find, that when we see them we buy them! 

Hope ya'll had a great Valentines!  Tomorrow I will be doing a great Make it Wednesday Thursday! So come back:)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Project Life Tuesday: Week 6

Wow!  Week 6 already time is flying.  I am so proud of myself and how far I have gone with this album. It has worked out so well for me to print my pictures each week and have full layouts done for the week. I LOVE IT!  We are rolling on through February and I am really excited to move into March...I know don't wish it away, but this month is hard for me as January!

Anyways MOVING on.....
Here are week 6 pictures!
 I didn't do anything too spectacular this week, but I did make a few collages. I love the collage of Kendall painting and the one of her painted nails!
 Here is the right side of my binder.  I have a feeling I might run out of arrows.  Luckily I have some left over from last two years, but hopefully they are the same color:)

And the left side!  Oh I did add a few everyday life pieces to this side including Kendall's sticker masterpiece and my dove Carmel wrapper! 

Again I have to say that it is going to take a lot of convincing for me to not buy this same kit again. I just love everything about it.  The colors are so me and I don't know that I will love another kit like this one!  Unless of course some fun new ones come out:)

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