Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Fun!

Hope ya'll had a great weekend! WE had a good one. I spent the weekend recovering from my yucky strep...and I am feeling a lot better.  Of course my allergies NEVER go away!

Anyways, we spent the weekend at home and cancelled all our plans just to make sure I was fully better! So, Saturday night we got take out and Kendall and I made Cupcakes.  I had to share because it was so cute.

I have waiting for a long time to start doing things like this with Kendall and even though she isn't old enough just quite yet she was a help.

She helped me pour the dry mix in the bowl.

She helped crack and put the eggs in.   She didn't like the egg on her finger AT ALL!  It was really kinda funny:)

She helped me pour the water in.

She helped me pour the butter in.
She even took a little break to make sure Belle was doing alright and having fun making cupcakes!
But, she drew the line at the blender. I tried to get her to help me blend, but it scared her and she took off for the stairs.  By the time I was finished she hadn't gotten too far down the stairs, so she came back to finish with the last step.

She helped me pour the mix in the cupcake pan!

Of course she was asleep by the time I iced them, so she got to test them at breakfast this morning (DON'T judge:)

I tried to take a few good pictures of our first baking experience and I look forward to many, many more baking days with my sweet girl.  Maybe next time I will ask Daddy to be the photographer:)

Have a great Monday and here's to no more sicknesses in my house for a few months!!


Amanda said...

So glad you are feeling better! Hopefully all the sicknesses will stay out of your home now. I was excited as well to bake with my little one for the first time. It's such a fun experience for them, and us as well. Hope you all have a great week!

Savannah said...

What a cute little helper! Hope you are feeling better.

Shelli said...

Get girl an apron! She's a natural! Ha! Love these memories! Oh and I'm pretty sure Kendall has that Belle doll too!

Sherry said...

My boy was sick today too :(

Thanks for stopping by to see what we've been up to AND leaving such kind words. I love the laundry room so much that I leave the door open so I can see in there...even when the laundry is going. Gets a little noisy! ;)

Kendall is such a darling. I love that you can't wait to bake with her. My son loves to bake and he's starting to make his own stuff with supervision (he's 9).

Genn said...

What a sweet helper she is!

I am glad you are feeling better! Hope it's gone for good now. :)

Nirupama said...

No judgement, just mad props for getting her to fall asleep when there was a chance for cupcakes. Well done Mama

Abby Devine said...

Glad your feeling better, wish we could've gotten together Saturday... we must very soon. Kendall is so dang cute.....I secretly want a girl when we start having kids!