Sunday, January 22, 2012

Organizing Takeover number 3: Pantry Redo: Don't judge me:)

I have been working on our pantry for a few weeks now and finally finished it one night last week! I can't believe what a BIG difference an organized pantry makes in our life.  Ya'll I am not kidding when I say I have cut our grocery bill down by over a half!  It's amazing when you know what you have how much less you do spend!
 So, this is what I started out with!  A big ol' mess with no organization to it!
 The door really didn't look too bad, but I knew it could look a little better!

 So, the first thing I did was take EVERYTHING out of the pantry. I mean everything.  I am not going to lie, once I did that I was extremely overwhelmed and wasn't sure where to go.  So, I just started working!

I mentioned that for Christmas I got a bunch of OXO containers.  I asked for those for this project and I am so glad I did.  These are the best containers and I will never buy another container for my pantry!
 I also bought these baskets at Target and sorted a few things out in them including, Kendall's snacks, my snacks, fruit snacks, baking needs, candy, crystal light, and I believe that's it!
 How pretty does that look? I tried to organize our pantry into sections and then labeled with these chalkboard ovals I cut with my Cricut!
 The top shelf is not reachable without a chair so I put a few of my kitchen Christmas platters up there and cookbooks as well as other things we don't use often!
 Chris attached these to the bottom of the shelf.  They have breakfast foods in them and make it nice to poor things into and get rid of boxes!! I don't like boxes!
 And the final picture!  I wish I could take better pictures, but the pantry is really in a weird part of our house and it's almost impossible to get a good picture!  I don;t think the picture would do it justice anyways!  There is no longer anything on the floor except extra cat food. I also hung a hook on the bottom to hold our lunch boxes that I use all the time!
And the door doesn't look too different.  Like I said it was pretty put tougher, I just moved a few things and labeled it!

Up next a few closets! I am getting a lot organized by doing a few things each week and oh what a difference it is making!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope my post has been a little inspiring for ya'll to organize something in your house!

Thanks to my friend 
Abby I found another fun blog party!  SOCIAL SUNDAYS sounds like a great way to meet new blogger friends!  I hope all of my followers will stop by this party and if you are new welcome.  I can't wait to visit your blog:) (For some reason I couldn't get the blog button to work!)

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Looks AWESOME!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Savannah said...

Your pantry looks awesome! Great work!

Shelli said...

Love the pantry! Those chalkboard labels make it so fun!

Abby Devine said...

You go girl! Love the pantry! I have started to work on ours but no where close to a final project. Love the bins, I actually got the teal ones from target like your green ones! If I dont finish, you may have to come help me! Have a great week!

Heather said...

Great job! Your pantry looks awesome.

Anonymous said...

LOVE those labels on the shelves. I'm inspired!

Thanks for sharing,

Gail said...


Genn said...

Looks amazing!!
Don't you just LOVE opening up that door and taking a peek at all your hard work!

I have been working on perfecting my pantry organization for a while now too and I finally got it all worked out! It feels so good. I totally understand. :)

Have a great week!

Sherry said...

AaaaaahhhhhH! You're done! I'm still right in the middle of my pantry mess! But we are doing built ins and all in our under the stairs closet because we don't have a dedicated pantry. This looks really great and I'm jealous that you are done!!!

Dr. Chris said...

Wow! Your pantry is exactly like mine! :) It looks great and you did a fantastic job organizing. I LOVE your labels and your new containers!

It would be awesome if you could link up at my Saturday party and show my readers the wonderful job you did reorganizing your pantry. Here is the link...

Again, great job! Enjoy your new pantry! :)