Friday, January 13, 2012

Organizing Project #2- Bathroom Drawer

Yesterday I made a quick Target run for a few things that I needed.  One of my goals is to not go to Target just because.  I need a reason to go haha.  Sadly I can always make a reason to go to Target duh!  
Here are the things I picked up!  I got the green baskets for my pantry.  That is another project that I have been working on and can't wait to share when I am finally finished.  I bought a few more OXO containers for my pantry organization (Another one of my new obsessions!!)

And the rectangular shaped baskets are for the bathroom drawer.  When I was reorganizing the cabinets I realized that I also needed to do the drawers.  And I knew that I wanted something like these to help me organize it!
So, this is what it looked like.  Don't you LOVE the rose paper in my cabinets.  I know it's awful, but like I said this room is on Chris' to do list for updating soon and I am not going to spend money changing things on this vanity when I know that it is going bye bye soon:)
I used one of those containers to put my brushes.  I have a lot of brushes and believe it or not I use ALL of them!! The clips are only used when I am straightening my hair or on nights Kendall's hair is getting washed!  Real life I shed more than a normal person. It is almost scary how much I really do shed.  I could be a cat:)
This sat on top of our counter and I didn't like it.  So, the clips went into one basket I bought and...
The tooth brushes and toothpaste! I LOVE it not being up on that counter!
And this is what I ended up with. I think I am going to go back and get one more of those baskets to put where the shout wipe is. It would actually fit there perfectly! That white basket probably needs to be cleaned out one more time, but for now it will do. If I do get another basket I will sort through it some more:) 

And I promise tomorrow night I will not post another organizing post...Something new I promise!  But, I am having so much fun:)

Happy Friday yay and bonus for me because it's a three day weekend:)


Genn said...

You've been busy!!
I love seeing how other people organize. It's so fun.
I organized my underwear and sock drawers today with some great new drawer dividers that I bought at Bed bath and beyond and I said to my mom, is it weird if I blog about my newly organized underwear drawer?? Hahaha!

Have a great weekend!

Sonya said...

I love those OXO containers! I got some for Christmas! I need to exchange one of them because it has a crack and I think I'm going to get two in it's place!

Savannah said...

Love all of the organizing you have been doing lately! I've actually been working on a few projects myself tonight. Can't wait to see your pantry!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

My hair is the same way! lol!! I lose about 2 handfuls a day.... I could never commit a crime... my hair dna would be everywhere! lol!! I loveeeeeeeeee how organized this! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Shelli said...

We are twins. Aside from our husbands being named Chris, Kendall daughters and love for target... I'm a horrible shedder!!!! I love those oxo containers! I may have to buy some for my new house!

Maggi said...

Love seeing your new organization projects! Have a great 3 day weekend!

Abby Devine said...

Yay for your 3 day weekend... you have been so busy organizing and simplifying!! And who needs a reason to go to Target. I can go needing nothing and leaving with everything :o)) Your just lucky you live so close!

Paige said...

You have been a busy lady and I seriously need to take some tips from you! Have a great weekend =)