Thursday, January 12, 2012

Organizing Project #1 of 2012-Bathrom Cabinets

Since my word of the year is simplify, you will probably see a lot of pictures over this year containing that word and well all the simplifying I am doing in my life:)  So here is the first of many posts for the year, and hopefully by the end I will have the most organized home in the state of Kentucky (just humor me mmkay?)

So, last night I thought I have got to get a project knocked off my to do list for this week.  The good thing about most of my projects are they aren't too big and I can do them in one night or day. So, when I got Kendall settled I went to the bathroom and this is what I first found!

A big hot mess:  I guess I need to preference this post by saying my bathroom is extremely outdated I mean EXTREMELY!!  It is one of my husband's to dos for this year as well! I am pretty excited about it too!  We need new flooring, new vanity and wall colors!  I can't wait to share that transformation with you. Another thing I will mention is the rooms in our house aren't very big.  I feel bad saying that because we do have a lot of room, but we just have small areas.  Clear as mud?
So, the first thing I did was pull EVERYTHING out of this cabinet.  Real life can you believe all of this was in there?
AND all of this!  Yes all of that came out of that hole from just above.  Insane you say?  Yes I think so too:)
So, I got that pile down to this pile and just kept going from there.  There were two half full bottles of finger nail polish.  Another reason I wanted to get this under control, we were wasting money buying things that we already had but didn't know was there!
That red bag is FULL of nail polishes.  Let's be honest here, I rarely paint my own nails, RARELY.  So, I knew that the majority of it had to go and the rest would fit in the container in front of the red bag!
All that had to go, but what could fit in....
here!  Tada!  I made it work.  First accomplished part of this post.  A lot of the polishes were nasty and old and needed to be tossed anyways so no harm done.
This is what I ended up with at the top. The blue container has things that we use often (hairsprays, lotions, etc.)  The brown bag has all of my summer hair products and lotions.  No need to keep them out all year when they are within perfect reach in that bag.  Behind that bag you will see hairsprays that I keep on hand when my good runs out before I get back to the hair dressers.
I completely forgot about this pink basket that was in Kendall's room filled of baby lotions and shampoos.  I knew that I wanted to free that space up in her room for something else.  So, I emptied those bottles out and thought this would be perfect for under the cabinet.  It easily moves in and out of the cabinet so that we can get in it.
Just it look great!  You see those tan towels to the right!  They are the best ever. I think I blogged about them before, but I am not big on the tanning bed and I love the way these streaks:)
So, in went my extra deodorants, nail polish, I moved that summer bag down there, extra bags are in there and that's about it and it works for us!
I had organized under the sink not too long ago, but it needed a little updating.
First, I wanted to make all of this fit into one bag.  I didn't wear half the stuff that was in it, so in the trash it went!
And an empty organizer?  I'll take it:)
This is what I ended up with.  The big 31 bag has all of my bathroom products in it and the teal and pink has extra bath toys of Kendalls.  (Oh bath toys what do I do with all of those?)
Remember those lotions and shampoos I was telling you about?  yeah these are those. I would keep using them, but Kendall's skin has gotten so bad that I had to switch to Aveeno for the winter.  I am going to use it again this summer, but I will probably put some of it for our next baby (which won't be for a while), give some to my mom and give some to Chris' mom.
Here is the finished product.  The top has extra toilet paper, the blue container, hairspray, and then I decided to sit the things out that I use everyday so that I could quickly access them and put them right back where they are.

This is what I have left to give away!  I don't need or use any of this so I am just getting rid of it.  Not sure where it will go just yet, but I will find it a home I am quite sure:)

I love what I did with those drawers because 
-I can get to everything I need quickly and put it back where it goes quickly
-I simplified an area in our home that doesn't have a lot of space and was crammed with things we didn't need.

Thanks for stopping by!  
Have you organized lately?
We are suppose to get a little winter weather today and tomorrow morning and I want it to go AWAY!  Spring anyone?


Amanda said...

Hey! Oh my goodness! I don't know how it went under the radar for so long, but I just read your comment about metacognition on my blog, and I am so happy that I am not the only obsessive-compulsive person in the world who obsesses about comprehension strategies way too much! I am sure that your firsties are lucky to have you as their teacher!


GypsyFox said...

awesome post! makes me want to go unclutter stuff :)

Abby Devine said...

Great job organizing! I think it is so crazy how out of control those bathroom products get under the sink and in the drawers. I feel like I am always organizing and cleaning up those areas. I think I need to throw out all those products that "I plan" to use that I know I won't!

Savannah said...

LOVE this! What a difference a little organizing makes. Great job!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Looks awesome!! Good job on this! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Shelli said...

The hoarder in me is proud you were able to stuff all that stuff in your cabinet! Ha! I bet you feel better about it organized! Yay for productivity and simplifying! :)

Sara said...

dang girl! Looks good. I need to do a little of this. grrrrrrr.

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

First off, you did a great job organizing and paring down! I have to admit I was a bit horrified by all the baby soaps and stuff you'd accumulated LOL

I do have to say, please please please consider donating all your extra stuff to a homeless shelter or domestic abuse shelter! So often we throw away those barely used products and women and families in need would LOVE to have some nice smelling lotion or some nail polish!