Friday, January 27, 2012

A Kendall Party: Minnie Themed

I promise not to let Kendall's 2nd birthday party take over my blog, but it is a big thing for us and so I will probably have a few posts before it comes and a few after! Of course I know she is only turning 2 and it's not a big birthday, but I enjoy making things for her party and decorating so I probably go a little overboard! But, that's just how it is!

I have to tell a quick story though...a few weeks ago our friend Tripp turned two. So, we were pumping Kendall up for Tripp's Party. After his party, at which she had a lot of fun, she would wake up every morning and say Tripp's Party? SO, we had to explain to her for about a week that Tripp's Party was over. We thought we would just go ahead and get her ready for a Kendall party so we started asking her if she wanted to have a Kendall party. Of course that worked! What kid doesn't like having a party for themselves???

So, here are a few of my ideas for her party. The first three I made this morning and the others are pins from Pinterest that I will be creating before her birthday. We still have 2 months, but I am a planner and I want to get it all ready, especially since I work a full time job and don't have a big break before then!
I already decided that we would do a Minnie Party. So, this morning I used my Cricut to practice cutting out a few Minnie's.  They actually turned out pretty cute!  I made the left one 11 inches and the right one 5 inches. I definitely won't make any smaller than 5 because they just get to be a little too hard to piece together. 
Here is a close up of the bigger one.  I will probably make a few more of these to hand around things and to use at the door, and other places like that. 
Here is a close up of the five inch size.  I will probably make a lot more of this size to put a few different places.  I will most likely use this size on her banner and her birthday sign for the door.

And here are a few other pins that I found that I plan on using. Of course I have a few ideas of my own as well that I plan to share as I create them.  Then I will take pictures of the BIG day and share that all in one or two posts for ya,  I know ya'll are so excited you can't wait for a Kendall Party!!

Please remember that at the bottom of all my pins are the sources for where they came from and I take no ownership in any of the following pictures.  When I do make them I will show my own pictures!  These are just ideas:)

                                                                                                 Source: via Christy on Pinterest

I LOVE these. I have a Cricut cart that will cut out the cupcake holders and then I will create the Minnie version of this with my Cricut, as well as using the color scheme that I have choosen for her birthday.  I have two cupcake stands and I will only use these if they work in my stand because I love the stands and definitely want to reuse them!

                                                      Source: via Christy on Pinterest

This is super cute. I am not really sure I could figure this out or if I will even do it, but I thought it looked really cute and it would be nice to have on the cake table!

                                                    Source: via Christy on Pinterest

I will definitely do this! It looks super easy and is probably way cheaper than buying the Minnie plates.  I will only do this for the cake table.  I am planning on buying the pink and zebra plates and napkins from Hobby Lobby for the food!

                                                   Source: via Christy on Pinterest

I probably only pinned this because it really was a Kendall party!  But, I really do like the way that it is set up and I plan on using a little of that as well for Kendall's cake table!  I love the Zebra boxes and can totally make those with my Cricut as well!

See that wasn't too bad was it!  Sorry, if these post are boring to you all, but this is a great place for me to keep all of my ideas and to document my progress on her birthday!  I can't wait to share with you all the outfit I am making for her as well as her bow!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!


Sherry said...

I really like that you blog for yourself and not just what people might want to see. That's authentic!!! My daughter loved Minnie when she was little too.

Shelli said...

LOVE your ideas! The zebra is so fun and what all does this cricut do??? I may need one! Ha!

Abby Devine said...

She is going to have so much fun and the party looks like it is going to be supre cute (not surprised, this is you were are talking about)!!! Every birthday is a BIG deal, I still love them!!

Paige said...

I love this! What a adorable party!

Amanda said...

How funny that someone else named Kendall also had a zebra Minnie themed party! This idea is so cute, and I know you will do an excellent job. Those little topiary trees look to me to just be tiny tissue pom poms attached to a dow rod and they are super easy to make. I made a few for Emma's 1st birthday and they were so cute!

Maggi said...

That is going to be the cutest party ever!!!

huda said...

nice blog
new follower of your blog
now follow my blog

Coley said...

Such a cute party you had!

Becky Brown said...

I did a Minnie party for my daughter when she was three. I cut out tons and tons of those disney characters with my cricut, all at about five inches. It was time consuming and meticulous and it was a gorgeous party! Love the pink and black zebra idea!