Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friday Night Fun!

Friday night we went to Chris' dads to finally do Christmas with him.  I can't believe it took us so long to do Christmas!  
 This is my little cute butt before we left tonight.  She looked so cute, but wouldn't turn around so that I could take a picture of her!  She's gotten rotten like that.  Like she knows I want to take a picture and she isn't going to let me:)
 Like example number 2 here I asked her to smile with baby and she told me "No mommy! Just baby"
 And example number 3 right here I asked her to cheese and she cheesed and she also closed her eyes and this is the picture that I ended up with. I still think it's quite cute:)
 And she insisted that I take a picture of baby.  So, I did!  And isn't baby so cute too?  We all think so, and every baby in our house has a name.  The same name.  Addy.  That's Kendall's little buddy at the sitters. She loves Addy and talks about her all the time!
 When we got to Papaws all Kendall wanted to do was walk up and down his stairs.  We have stairs at our house, but it's more fun when they are someone else's stairs.
 Then it was present time and after every present instead of saying open daddy, so said more.  She isn't rotten or anything is she?  She definitely got more than her share of new toys last night!  Shoo I don't know where we will put all these toys!
 I thought her and papaw were so cute opening her gifts and looking at each one quickly before asking for more.  Kendall loves to give others presents as well. She loves to open other peoples presents too.  Heck she loves to open anything.
 I LOVE this picture.  We took Kendall to the Paint Spot to make her grandparents pottery.  We made Buddy this mug, because he drinks his coffee every morning and we thought he would love using that for his morning coffee!
 This is Kendall with her Great Grandpa.  She is so lucky to have so many great grandparents and even one great, great grandma in her life.  She sees her great, great grandma every Wednesday when she goes to my grandmas house!
 And here is Kendall on her new tricycle.  I love that I can push her on it until she gets the hang of it!  She was so funny on it.  Of course she had to get off of it and push it also.  We are really ready for the spring now:)
 And this sweet puppy.  Yeah she isn't too happy with me tonight. I made her get a bath and she wasn't loving it at all.   Actually I am pretty sure she didn't even like it, but hated it.  Her poor skin is getting so bad from this weather and I hate it for her.  I give her meds, but it just doesn't seem to do very much for her.  So, I am ready for this weather to go away in more than one way!  Summer anyone:)
OK OK I know I said no more organizational posts for a few days, but I just couldn't help myself.  WE went to Target tonight and I got another basket for my bathroom drawer, and Chris convinced me that they all needed to be uniform (Can you tell he is a project manager haha?)  So, I bought the bigger basket to get rid of the white one that was in there.  I love that I could fit all of it in this drawer and I love that it is even MORE organized now and I love that there is nothing on my vanity anymore!

And I love that I don't have to work for two more days!

Night ya'll:)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

ADORABLE photos!!!! Loving her baby doll one's!!! And Brookie has that same Dora guitar!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Genn said...

He's a project manager, haha,that's funny.
Well, the drawer looks great!! Makes ya all happy when you open it I am sure.
Cute pics of K and your Dad. She's a doll.

Maggi said...

I LOVE the one where her eyes are closed, soooooo cute! Let me know if you try that Wild Strawberry Energy Crystal Light, it is so good! :D

Shelli said...

Love the tricycle. It's so sweet Kendall calls her babies after her friend Addy! My Kendall is the same way about getting her picture taken! When they're 16 they will ask us why they have so many baby pictures of them not smiling! Ha!

Abby Devine said...

Looks like you all had a great Christmas with Wally's dad. And Kendall, well she is just the cutest thing. She is getting big so quick!!!