Thursday, January 19, 2012

10 Random Thoughts on Thursday!

Ya'll I am not even kidding this post will be so random!  So here goes nothing! A few pictures sprinkled in of my extra sweet and extra cute little girl!  I might lose some of you so if I do I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

-First, Kendall is absolutely OBSESSED with Care Bears. There is only one tiny huge problem with that, no one and I mean NO one sells Care Bears (the movies and videos are out of course!).  I just wish I could find her a little Care Bear somewhere.  She would love that thing dearly if I could!  We watch "bears" every. single. night.  The same four episodes every.single.night.  I could probably recite them to you, not really just sayin!  Does anyone know where I can get a Care Bear that won't cost me an arm and a leg?

-Second, I have decided to start potty training.  Well, sort of!  Kendall is so interested in going on the potty so I thought why not just put her in some undies tonight! Yeah that worked out great...NOT...she peed in the first pair and didn't care, but when she peed in the second pair she took off running to the bathroom...screaming "mommy I pooped"  (She has a little confusion between the two things that happen down there!)  Needless to say I just put her back in her diaper.  I think I will just try putting her in undies a few minutes longer each night and see what happens.  Might not be the correct way to do it, but hey we are trying.  And she is only 21 months old, so we have time I suppose!
A super sweet girl that finally cheesed for mommy!

-Third, this sweet girl of mine doesn't know what kind of party she wants to have yet.  Yeah I have a little over 2 months to plan it, but I am a planner, and I am a working mom so I need to start early.  It is a toss up between a Minnie (Not Mickey) or Bear party!  The probably with Bears is I will have to order everything.  I can make all the Minnie stuff and already found some cute things at Target that I would like to get, but we need to make a decision. I am leaning towards Minnie clearly, so I am rubbing that one in pretty good!

-Fourth, I am so exhausted! I don't know why NO NO NO I am NOT pregnant, for some reason I have received a few emails congratulating me on being pregnant and I laughed at the first one and then got a little freaked out by the second one!  Sure I gained a few pounds over Christmas, I have a belly that will never go away no matter how hard I workout, but I am NOT pregnant PROMISE:)  Ok off the soapbox!  I am not understanding why I am so tired.  I only worked three days so far this week!! HMMMMM.....
Look at that pony tail:)

Fifth- I have stayed in my calorie goal since Monday! Four good days, and I worked out three nights in a roll.  I am taking off tonight, but I will work out on Saturday since I am taking tonight off.  As I said above I am exhausted and tonight isn't gonna happen! Plus I stayed under my calories enough tonight to not worry about it!

Sixth-Chris has planned something fun for us to tomorrow and won't tell me what it is.  Have I mentioned before that I dislike surprises very much?  Ok well now you know.  Don't EVER surprise me cause I don't like them! K? Thanks!

I probably won't win mom of the year because she is eating a Cadbury Egg (I think they are gross!), but really it's January and we already have Easter candy out?

Seventh- I finished my pantry, but I am too lazy to finish taking pictures so I will have to share it with you next week, blog fail SORRY!

Eighth- I am getting ready to send my PL pictures to the printer so I can pick them up tomorrow!  Three weeks in a row that I have them printed and in the book! I think I could get use to this and I think I could keep it going for the whole year! I have a lot of motivation now, I just hope it doesn't leave! I am thinking about using one of the fun sheets with all the 2X3 pictures this week, because I have a quite a few pictures to use.  Just thinking about it though who knows what I will actually do!

Ninth- Kids say the darnest things! I was telling my first graders that we were MAP testing this morning so they needed to get unpack, choose their center, exchange their just right books, and relax for a minute.  One of my students yelled out at me P.S. We also go to PE today!  Do you think she even knows what P.S. means?  Probably not, but she totally used it in context:)

-Tenth- Have a great weekend!  My sister in laws birthday is this weekend so we will be celebrating with her on Saturday!  Hope share some fun pictures from that night with you soon:)


Sonya said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who hates surprises! The last time my husband surprised me I cursed at him. Not in a mean way, but in a I can't believe you just did that way!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Soooooooo cute! I just love her hair! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Shelli said...

Minnie Mouse parties are fun. I had 4 blog posts about Kendall's Minnie party! Also maybe you're feeling sluggish because of the weather - that's what I always blame it on!

Abby Devine said...

Great minds think a like.... I have been working on 25 things about me this week and didn't know when I was going to post. But since I'm sick today great opportunity to post something I already wrote!!!