Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December Daily: Part 1

OK I feel that I need to first preference this post by saying:

A. I am not a photographer and I so wish I wish! I have yet to find a good way to take pictures of my scrapbooking and crafts. Maybe one day I will:)
B. It has been raining here so taking these pictures outside were not an option. I am hoping to take part 2 outside and the finished product outside as well! But, we shall see!

Ok and moving on here is my December Daily for 2011! I am so excited about this year's December Daily for many reason, but the main reason is Kendall has really taken interest in looking at my albums so it makes it more special and gives me more of a purpose as to why I do what I do!
You may remember me saying this, but this album was originally intended for DD last year, but it was baby season and I didn't get it done! That is my story and I am sticking to it. So, here is the cover. I totally bought this album a few years ago in the dollar section at Target. My fav.! I took the album a part and painted the front and back covers.
After painting it, I distressed it a bit. I love the look that it gave it!
You can see above how thick the album is!  I love things to stick out and 3D, so in turn I get really thick albums and I am OK with that.
I guess there isn't much talking I can do for each page so I won't bore you too much with my words, but I will tell you that a lot of the paper I used is from Echo Park. I had a bunch of random stickers and I am sorry I can't say where they came from and I used my Cricut Cart. Simply Charmed to cut out a few shapes as well!

I am not really big on traditional Christmas colors and I think it's because I love the color pink so much!  I always throw those colors in as well, but I like to add my own touch to it as well!  

I hope you enjoyed part 1 of my DD and I look forward to sharing the rest of it with you soon.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

Believe it or not I am finally making some progress on my Project Life Album. I have quite a bit of catching up to do for sure, but I am getting there and I am very proud of myself. This week I only have three of the 7 days to share with you, but that is better than nothing!

I have a lot of great ideas for my project life 2012 album! Maybe I will share those with you very soon:)
Saturday: We went to my favorite place with Jen and Brad: The Melting Pot!  If you have never been GO. Kendall didn't go nor would I recommend taking kids under say 10 haha, but I just had to share that sweet picture of my little girl that still had a few blotchy red marks on her face!

Friday: My sweet little girl broke out in a horrible rash. I had no idea what was going on, but the doctor said it was just a virus that would go away on it's own. They gave her a steroid but I just couldn't give it to her especially since the doctor said it probably wouldn't help her at all. Thankfully it went away by Sunday!
Thursday: Thanksgiving:  We have so much to be thankful for, but these two are what I am most thankful for. I am so lucky to have such a sweet, loving husband, and a healthy and happy baby girl!

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Welcome Santa

We are always so excited to welcome Santa in to our home each year! My husband loves Christmas more than any other kid I know. Really. That is probably why I have most of my Christmas presents already and will still have way too many under the tree. I know I haven't been that good!
I love this little sign that hangs on our door as you walk up the stairs! Kendall pointed it out tonight and I told her santa was coming to which she replied "Santa?" Oh dear sweet girl you must have forgotten who Santa was since last year's run in at the mall. Don't worry I will reintroduce you two here VERY soon:)
Saturday it was so nice here! We were able to get a few Christmas decorations up outside. Kendall of course did a lot of helping with all of that. She was cracking us up with this Santa because clearly she's just not a big fan of him just yet and it took her quite a while to get use to him before she could get near him!
Kendall clearly wasn't interested in getting her picture taken with Mickey either.  After about ten shots of this I gave up and just figured this would work for this year!
Every time I try to take Kendall's picture lately she has been putting her hand over her face.  I couldn't figure out for the life of me why she was doing it until last night.  She is saying cheese and taking a picture with HER camera!  Too cute, but I wish she would stop cheesing and taking my picture so I could take hers:)

I love this sweet Little People that Brad got Kendall last year.  It is the Nativity Scene and she has had so much fun playing with it!

And this year she was able to help decorate her Christmas tree and I couldn't have been more tickled!!

I will show you her room very soon!

Have a great night everyone!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Revamped Christmas Wreath!

I love Christmas decorations, but goodness gracious it is a chore to get them out! I have had this wreath since probably before Chris and I got married. I don't think I have hung it on the door, but I am sure Chris did before we got married:)
I decided it needed a little revamp before I could hang it up this year. I had thought about making a new wreath, but I saw this idea at Hobby Lobby and it was going to be way cheaper to make it myself using what I had.  Plus I like way cheaper don't you?
So, my first step was to simply bunch deco  mesh onto the wreath and tie it on there by wrapping a piece of the wreath around it!  Super, super easy I promise!
I thought it needed a little more so I decided to add an ornament where I tied off the deco mesh.  This picture isn't the greatest picture because I had to use my flash. It has rained here ALL day so there was no using natural light.
And the finished product on our door! (By the way, since I moved into this house I have been asking Chris to paint that door black and it is still that color. I am not a fan of that color and never have been, but hey I have gotten a lot of other things a long the way!)
And a close up!! I am so proud of my new wreath. I love making new out of what we already have!  Saves money and it's fun.
Here, is a before and after picture without the lights on.

And this cute butt, well she refused to smilie for me in a picture and she KNEW exactly what she was doing!  I love her to pieces though:)

Have a great Monday everyone!

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday

Today we had a pretty low key day!  Chris did his black Friday shopping from 7:00 Thursday night until 8:00 Friday morning!  He is nuts I know this. And he took a two hour nap and never went back to sleep the rest of the day!

He got a lot of good deals INCLUDING my Mac Book Pro!! He got a great deal on it because they were running a deal, he got to use my teacher discount, and he got a printer for free!  I thought he did good and I am loving my Mac.

I think I need to go to classes on how to use it though haha.  I am just not use to the programing, but I think I love it so much better than a PC! I can't wait to really get it all figured out.  Any tips are GREATLY appreciated!

I was looking last night to get photoshop for it, because I think I will miss my photoshop!

Trying to figure out how to organize my photos on IPhoto is going to be a task as well, but it is so nice to have a working computer of my OWN:)
On Wednesday my mom, Kendall, my sister in law Kristin, and I went to the outlets in Edinburgh.  This is a tradition that we have had for about 4 years now and it is so much fun.  I got Kendall quite a few things, but not so much for me!  That's alright, because I was really excited about all the great deals I found for Kendall especially at Gymboree! I got her these cute jambes along with 2 other pairs. Can you tell that we love jammies in this house?

Zoey even got in on the Black Friday deals!!  She got a new bed and it has Minnie on it!  She loves it.  She slept in it all day yesterday and all night last night:)  I am so glad we were finally able to find the perfect bed for her.  I have had her same bed for a long time and it was time to replace it with a new one:)
Do you see the face on my sweet girl.  She is one hot mess that is for sure.  She still isn't all the way better, but hopefully we are getting there.  Her spots are all gone which is good, but now her nose is runny and she is a little congested.  I can't wait for her to get better and stay better for a while!

Today it's suppose to be pretty so hopefully we will get some of our Christmas decorations put up outside and inside. I will be sure to post pictures later if we do!  We LOVE this time of year and we are so excited about all the festivities!

I am just about done with my December Daily album, and I can't wait to share it with you:) I will do that some time this week BEFORE December 1st.  I got my album out from two years ago and Kendall loved looking at it even though she isn't in it!

Hope ya'll have a great Saturday:)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving day!

I hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving Day!!  We have!  Chris is getting geared up for his yearly Black Friday shopping!  He loves it:)

This morning I made yummy Mickey Pancakes for a special sweet girl I know:)
 They were so yummy!  Kendall ate both of hers very quickly and I had a few and so did Chris.  We got a Mickey cutter that is meant for eggs, but I tried it with the pancakes and it turned out cute.  Kendall was thrilled to eat Mickey pancakes.
 These are our pumpkins from our Hubers trip.  It's about time to tell them bye bye!  Kendall was playing on the table this morning with them and we were talking about how we are glad we didn't crave them because we got to enjoy them a little longer!!
 Here is my sweet family!  We took some self portraits this morning before heading out to grandmas.
 Kendall is talking to her Papaw.  She is so funny:)

 Me and my sweet girl.

I have so much to be thankful for every single day of the year.  I am one lucky girl with a loving sweet husband, daughter, and family.  We have everything we need and you can see it right there in that picture:) Love those two!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and for those of you that go shopping have fun and be safe!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Project Life Tuesday (Almost Wednesday!)

Well tonight I had a little extra time to work on my Project Life since I am out of work for the rest of the week!! Yah me!  So I worked on this weeks ablum a little bit.

Before I get into this week's pictures I wanted to show you something I decided to do.  This year I clearly missed quite a bit of pictures. It happens.  Life happens and sometimes we forget to take pictures! It's OK and I have made a mental reminder to try to be more intentional in taking pictures every week.

Anyways I decided to make use of the scrapbook pages that came with the kit. I cut them down to 4X6 and inserted them into my book where I forgot to take a picture. This keeps weeks that are missing pictures pretty and not just empty:) 

Here is an example of a week in March.
As you can see I have also taken a lot of 2X3 pictures using my Iphone that I need to get collaged and printed out! 

So much catching up to do, but I can do it because we all know it doesn't take too terribly long to catch up on Project Life!

So, here is this week's pages without pictures. I am ALL caught up on this week's journaling. I just have to print my pictures now:)

And here are this week's pictures!
Thursday:  Kendall was sick at the sitters today, so I had to get a sub and come home early with her.  She clearly looks fine here, but I always handled being sick well as a kid also.

Wednesday:  I finally finished Kendall's advent calendar and I can't wait to stuff it with goodies.  We will have so much fun with it!

Saturday: We took Kendall to build a bear and it was so much fun.  She was so cute picking out her bear, waiting in line, and making her bear.  She didn't like giving him a bath though:)

Tuesday:  Kendall decided that Tripp needed to eat supper with us, so she grabbed his picture and brought it to the table to sit with us while we ate.  She loves her little buddy:) 
Sunday:  Kendall got all dressed up while I went to the grocery today and this is what I came home to!  She is a big hot mess that is for sure.

Friday:  Kendall has decided that the barstools are her new high chair.  She climbs up on them and asks for fish!  It's so cute I can't stop her:) 
Monday:  Kendall had fun tonight playing in her tent with her bear and her baby.  So cute!  I love that sweet smile and how much she is growing everyday.

I know my pictures are all out of order, but I was so confused with the collages of smaller pictures so just bare with me:)

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Spicy Chicken Mac and Cheese Yummy!

Happy almost Monday everyone!  I am pretty excited about this week because it's my favorite time of the year!  First, we only work for two days, then we go outlet mall shopping on Wednesday, Thursday is my favorite Holiday Thanksgiving, and Thursday night and Friday morning is Chris and Brad's annual shopping days:)  This year Jen and I are adding in a little extra traditional.  On Thursday night we are going to bake our heads off! I am super excited about it too:)
Before we get started I had to share with your our new bar stools!! We love them especially Kendall who takes it upon herself to climb them to get to on top of the bar!  Anyways I got a great deal on these bar stools. I got them at Kohls when they were buy 1 get 1 for a $1.00 and I had 20% off!  I was super excited about that!

 And here is one last look at my Turkey on my table.  I have already taken him down and put him away. I got Christmas out this weekend but didn't put any of it up.  However, I have no idea what I am going to put on my table, because we have never had a table quite like this to decorate! Pretty excited about that.
 Alright on to my recipe!  I don't think I have ever posted a recipe, but maybe I have I don't remember.  Let me be honest here, we cook pretty much the same things in this house every week like spaghetti, chicken, pork chops, BBQ, and any other blah food you can think of, but this recipe is one that we love around here. It has become a weekly staple to our dinner menus.   It is SO easy to make I promise and it is quite yummy!  Everything you need is pictured above; cream of chicken, diced chicken, mac and cheese, and petite diced tomatoes one with chiles and one without. Before Kendall started eating our foods, I always did both with chiles because we like spicy around here.  If you don't like spicy you could do no chiles.
 First thing you do is cook your chicken in a pan. I always add olive oil for taste but that is just something I do when I cook meat on the stove. While your chicken is cooking prepare your mac and cheese as the box says or just like you make it normally.

 Once your mac and cheese is finished cooking and your chicken is well cooked the way you like it, mix all ingredients into the chicken pan EXCEPT the bag of cheese.
 I basically just pour everything top of the chicken and then stir it all up until it is well mixed.  Once it is well mixed I smooth it out in the pan like the picture below. 
 Once you have smoothed it out let it cook until it starts to pop or look like it's boiling just so the new ingredients can get warm.  Then pour the bag of cheese on top of it. Now, I have to say my pan is pretty big (don't know the measurements exactly but it isn't a normal size pan) so that's why I use the whole bag.  You can use as much or as little cheese as you want, but we are cheese fans around here:)
 After you add the cheese you cover the pan with a lid.  I usually turn the stove down just a tad.  Once your cheese has melted it's finished!
 As you can see we were hungry tonight and we didn't even let the cheese melt all the way before we started eating it!  I guess you could consider this a casserole.  We didn't eat casseroles growing up so is this what ya'll would consider a casserole haha?  I promise you will love this and it so super easy to make!  Just give it a try:)
 Another great thing about this recipe is it makes A LOT.  We always have leftovers and we are not people that eat leftovers often.  But, I think it is almost better the second time when you do warm it up!  We never let Spicy Chicken Mac and Cheese go to waste!
While I was cooking I was also putting up our dishes and I just had to share another picture of my super organizer!  I love this cabinet.  It is no longer a pan to get a pot, pan or a lid out! 

Hope you guys enjoy your weekend and please let me know if you plan to make this recipe or if you do try it:)

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