Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Project Life Tuesday!

I can't believe I made it to another Project Life Tuesday!  I am super excited that we are getting closer and closer to the end of the year and Christmas!  We are getting closer to having our Christmas all up and to finish Christmas Shopping!

So, here are my pictures and don't forget to stop by www.themomcreative.com for more project life posts!
 Friday November 25:  We bought Zoey this sweet Minnie bed on Thanksgiving!  She seems to really enjoy it because she didn't get out of it at all today!  I am not sure who loved it more though Kendall or Zoey!
Saturday November 26: We put our outside decorations up tonight.  Kendall wasn't too sure of Santa at first, but after some warming up she decided she might like him.  She loves looking for him outside every night when we come home!

 Sunday November 27:  I revamped an old wreath into a new improved wreath! I love the way it turned out.  I am so into Deco Mesh this year. It is in a lot of my Christmas decorations!
 Monday November 28:  Kendall likes to dump things out including but not limited to toys, milk, and goldfish! Tonight she dumped out the toys and climbed into the container.  She is so silly!
 Tuesday November 29:  Kendall helped me decorate the basement tree.  After just a few ornaments she was over it and took off to find something new:)
 Wednesday November 30:  Tomorrow is December 1!  I got my December Daily album all ready to go and I love how it turned out this year!
Thursday December 1:  Kendall got her first Advent Calendar treat! It was a puppet and she had so much fun playing with it!! She is too funny and I love how animated she is!

Hope you enjoyed our pictures!

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