Sunday, December 4, 2011

December Daily: Dec. 1-4

I hope ya'll had a great weekend!  We had a busy and quick one that's for sure!  

Friday night Chris and I went to the UL/Vandy game!  Anyone watch it?  We bought near had a heart attack before it was all over.  Guess that's why they call them the Cardiac Cards!

We have had so much fun with Kendall and her Advent Calendar.  Of course she doesn't quite understand it all, but she seems to be enjoying it each day:)

I wanted to share with you my pictures for my DD album.  Here are my pictures for the 1-4.
 December 1:  We couldn't wait to give Kendall her first gift, so we did it first thing this morning.  She was so funny, because once she realized she got something out of the first box she checked the other boxes for goodies as well.  Lucky for us I hadn't put any other treats in just yet!  She got a snowman puppet and she was so funny with it!
 December 2:  We did our calendar when we got home today and Kendall was so interested in seeing what was inside!  There was another puppet, this one being a penguin!  She already knew what to do with it so she was having fun with it as soon as she pulled it out.

 December 3:  When we woke up this morning I decided to make us cinnamon toast! It was so yummy and we got such a kick out of watching Kendall eating it.  She loves cinnamon toast, her sweet sitter makes it for her all the time.  I know ya'll are jealous of my jammies!  The most comfortable kind, Chris' old t-shirts:)  I also will be adding this picture. We went to a Christmas party tonight and 3 of the made dishes were from pinterest!  This is seriously the best site and we LOVED all three of these dishes, but I have to say that the chocolate dessert was the BEST!  I wish I could share the site with you, but I am not sure of what it is.  (I made the pizza dip)

December 4:  I love today's Advent Calendar treat.  We got her the Elf on the Shelf jingle buddy!  I love it because our basement tree is full of jingle buddies.  When they first came out I bought them like crazy!  I have so many different sets of them from the Wizard of Oz, Charlie Brown, The Grinch, and so many more!

Saturday we also took Kendall to see Santa which so deserves a post in itself!  I will post that picture here soon, but it will be added to my December Daily page for Saturday as well.

I am almost finished decorating our house for Christmas. I am waiting for our stockings to come in the mail, I have to get another roll of deco mesh to finish the banister and then I will share our decorations. I don't do a lot, but I love what we have:)

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

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