Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Project Life Tuesday (Almost Wednesday!)

Well tonight I had a little extra time to work on my Project Life since I am out of work for the rest of the week!! Yah me!  So I worked on this weeks ablum a little bit.

Before I get into this week's pictures I wanted to show you something I decided to do.  This year I clearly missed quite a bit of pictures. It happens.  Life happens and sometimes we forget to take pictures! It's OK and I have made a mental reminder to try to be more intentional in taking pictures every week.

Anyways I decided to make use of the scrapbook pages that came with the kit. I cut them down to 4X6 and inserted them into my book where I forgot to take a picture. This keeps weeks that are missing pictures pretty and not just empty:) 

Here is an example of a week in March.
As you can see I have also taken a lot of 2X3 pictures using my Iphone that I need to get collaged and printed out! 

So much catching up to do, but I can do it because we all know it doesn't take too terribly long to catch up on Project Life!

So, here is this week's pages without pictures. I am ALL caught up on this week's journaling. I just have to print my pictures now:)

And here are this week's pictures!
Thursday:  Kendall was sick at the sitters today, so I had to get a sub and come home early with her.  She clearly looks fine here, but I always handled being sick well as a kid also.

Wednesday:  I finally finished Kendall's advent calendar and I can't wait to stuff it with goodies.  We will have so much fun with it!

Saturday: We took Kendall to build a bear and it was so much fun.  She was so cute picking out her bear, waiting in line, and making her bear.  She didn't like giving him a bath though:)

Tuesday:  Kendall decided that Tripp needed to eat supper with us, so she grabbed his picture and brought it to the table to sit with us while we ate.  She loves her little buddy:) 
Sunday:  Kendall got all dressed up while I went to the grocery today and this is what I came home to!  She is a big hot mess that is for sure.

Friday:  Kendall has decided that the barstools are her new high chair.  She climbs up on them and asks for fish!  It's so cute I can't stop her:) 
Monday:  Kendall had fun tonight playing in her tent with her bear and her baby.  So cute!  I love that sweet smile and how much she is growing everyday.

I know my pictures are all out of order, but I was so confused with the collages of smaller pictures so just bare with me:)

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Soooooooooooooooo cute!! I hope her skin is better now! :):):):):):):):):):):)