Friday, November 18, 2011

My Poor Sweet Baby:(

I feel as if though this month has been a crazy and sick time for us.  It seems like it started the week of my fall break.  Kendall got a bad cold, then I got it and am just recently getting over it, and now my sweet girl has a virus and it makes me so sad for her:(
 Yesterday, our sweet sitter called me at work, which totally flipped me out because she NEVER calls me.  I just happened to be by my desk and saw that my phone was lighting up (As a school teacher I keep my phone silenced, but on my desk because we are required to take them with us during emergency drills)  Anyways, she called to tell me that Kendall had thrown up, so I knew we had to get her immediately.

Well unfortunately one of the small downfalls to my job is I can't just up and leave.  I have to find a sub and I was trying to do it quick.  Unfortunately again there aren't many subs  available and all the good subs are gone fast!  So, to make a long story short because I am sure you are not interested in our situations haha, Chris got Kendall and I left around 10:30ish.
 When I got to her she was perfectly fine.  In fact we cleaned the basement, or I cleaned the basement and Kendall sat in her chair on the couch while I vacumned.  Totally safe I know but she thought it was so funny and how could I take her away from it!

Last night she was perfectly fine other than being a little more thirsty than normal.  So, my plan was to go back to work today and send her back to the sitters.  Oh and I called the doctor who said what we had thought the drainage from her runny nose probably was just sitting on her stomach and when she drank her milk she threw it all up.  TMI I know:)
SO, we wake up this morning, lay in bed for a little bit to watch Mickey, and then I went to get her dressed. When I pulled her jammies off she had a rash on the inside of her legs. It wasn't much but I knew it wasn't normal so I decided I should try to get a sub, take her to my moms until then, and let the sitter know that she wouldn't be coming back today.

Well, you heard my spill about subs and it wasn't possible to get one.  So, I stayed at work until her doctor appointment at 2:00.  A sweet, sweet instructional assistant covered my class while I went to the doctor with Kendall.

Let me remind you when I saw Kendall in the morning she only had the rash on the inside of her legs, a little on her back, and one in her scalp.

 When I met my mom at the doctor I about died.  She had the rash all over her ENTIRE body. I felt so bad for her and it scared me a bit too.  She has NEVER had any type of rash.  She does have very sensitive skin, but nothing like this has ever come up on her skin.
 When we saw the doctor Kendall did an awesome job.  She is usually so scared of the doctor and screams the entire time.   When we first went back to weigh her she started to scream, but once they started to talk to her she was fine and I was so thankful for that:)

Turns out she has a virus that is a really long latin word that means red spots of different shapes.  Never heard of it before?  Yeah me either!  But, I will take it.  Kendall has had a virus before and I knew that the only thing really to do for one is to let it run it's course.
 The doctor did give her a steriod to hopefully make the rash go away.  It is a very small dosage of a steriod and she say it might not even work but we can try it.  She doesn't seem to feel bad or be bothered by the rash, but we just feel so bad for the way she looks.  The doctor also told us that it looks worse than it actually is.
 Tonight we just hung out at home and had supper, watched Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and just hung out.  You can really see the rash on Kendall's legs in this picture where she is eating her yogurt.  My sweet little baby girl.  I sure hate when she is sick and would much rather it be me than her:(
 But, you can tell as she sticks her hand in her mouth to eat her yogurt because it isn't cool to use a spoon, that she looks just fine other than that rash!
 Here is a close up of her leg. She has a band aid on for no other reason other than she loves to wear band aids. It's her own fashion statement I guess:)  She is definitely her own little person and I love that about her.
 As you can see we even let her have a little extra paci time because we feel so bad for her. I am sure I will be checking on her quite a bit throughout the night, but I sure hope when she wakes up we don't have as many sad little red marks as we do now!
Has your child ever had a rash related to a virus?  The doctor said it could last 2-3 weeks and we are really hoping that isn't the case.  He did say that she isn't contagious so that is a good thing. 

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend:)


Crystal said...

Oh no! I hope she feels better soon! We were at the doctor yesterday with my little one. She has the croup and a cold. Also, I live you have a big red on your table! I'm originally from Louisville but now live in NC! I always stock up on big red when I come up bc we can't get it here. Same with White Castle. I eat it everyday while I'm there!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Poor baby! My first thought was impetigo (spelling?) Brookie had that over the summer and it looked just like this...hers was a virus rash caused by a small cut that didn't heal well :( hers was contagious though...she had to get a topical cream for it...hers freaked me out too :( hope Kendall feels better soon! :)

Shelli Ryan said...

Poor baby! I hope this virus passes quickly! These pictures break my heart! I hate that the work situation was so stressful during this! Thanksgiving break can't come soon enough for you I'm sure!

Amanda said...

So sorry to hear that your little one is sick. It sucks when we can't do anything for them, I always feel so helpless. I hope she feels better soon!!

Sewconsult said...

Looks like Fifth's Disease that my girls had, but it was contagious. I even got it. Hope your little one bounces back quickly.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN