Sunday, November 20, 2011

Spicy Chicken Mac and Cheese Yummy!

Happy almost Monday everyone!  I am pretty excited about this week because it's my favorite time of the year!  First, we only work for two days, then we go outlet mall shopping on Wednesday, Thursday is my favorite Holiday Thanksgiving, and Thursday night and Friday morning is Chris and Brad's annual shopping days:)  This year Jen and I are adding in a little extra traditional.  On Thursday night we are going to bake our heads off! I am super excited about it too:)
Before we get started I had to share with your our new bar stools!! We love them especially Kendall who takes it upon herself to climb them to get to on top of the bar!  Anyways I got a great deal on these bar stools. I got them at Kohls when they were buy 1 get 1 for a $1.00 and I had 20% off!  I was super excited about that!

 And here is one last look at my Turkey on my table.  I have already taken him down and put him away. I got Christmas out this weekend but didn't put any of it up.  However, I have no idea what I am going to put on my table, because we have never had a table quite like this to decorate! Pretty excited about that.
 Alright on to my recipe!  I don't think I have ever posted a recipe, but maybe I have I don't remember.  Let me be honest here, we cook pretty much the same things in this house every week like spaghetti, chicken, pork chops, BBQ, and any other blah food you can think of, but this recipe is one that we love around here. It has become a weekly staple to our dinner menus.   It is SO easy to make I promise and it is quite yummy!  Everything you need is pictured above; cream of chicken, diced chicken, mac and cheese, and petite diced tomatoes one with chiles and one without. Before Kendall started eating our foods, I always did both with chiles because we like spicy around here.  If you don't like spicy you could do no chiles.
 First thing you do is cook your chicken in a pan. I always add olive oil for taste but that is just something I do when I cook meat on the stove. While your chicken is cooking prepare your mac and cheese as the box says or just like you make it normally.

 Once your mac and cheese is finished cooking and your chicken is well cooked the way you like it, mix all ingredients into the chicken pan EXCEPT the bag of cheese.
 I basically just pour everything top of the chicken and then stir it all up until it is well mixed.  Once it is well mixed I smooth it out in the pan like the picture below. 
 Once you have smoothed it out let it cook until it starts to pop or look like it's boiling just so the new ingredients can get warm.  Then pour the bag of cheese on top of it. Now, I have to say my pan is pretty big (don't know the measurements exactly but it isn't a normal size pan) so that's why I use the whole bag.  You can use as much or as little cheese as you want, but we are cheese fans around here:)
 After you add the cheese you cover the pan with a lid.  I usually turn the stove down just a tad.  Once your cheese has melted it's finished!
 As you can see we were hungry tonight and we didn't even let the cheese melt all the way before we started eating it!  I guess you could consider this a casserole.  We didn't eat casseroles growing up so is this what ya'll would consider a casserole haha?  I promise you will love this and it so super easy to make!  Just give it a try:)
 Another great thing about this recipe is it makes A LOT.  We always have leftovers and we are not people that eat leftovers often.  But, I think it is almost better the second time when you do warm it up!  We never let Spicy Chicken Mac and Cheese go to waste!
While I was cooking I was also putting up our dishes and I just had to share another picture of my super organizer!  I love this cabinet.  It is no longer a pan to get a pot, pan or a lid out! 

Hope you guys enjoy your weekend and please let me know if you plan to make this recipe or if you do try it:)

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Yummmmmmmmm and loving the new stools.. that is an awesome deal! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Aimee said...

This looks DELICIOUS!!! I hope Kendall is feeling better, we've had our own rounds here at the house! Poor babies!!!

I'm your newest follower!!!


Crystal said...

Sounds yummy! I might have to try it one night!