Sunday, November 13, 2011

Build A Bear Fun!!

Last night we took Kendall to build a bear!  I thought it would be fun to let her build her own bear!  She was so sweet with her bear, but wasn't quite sure she should step on the pump to fill her bear up:)
She was so sweet loving on that sweet little bear.  We named him Oldie, because my little brother got a puppy and that is what Kendall has been calling him even though that isn't his name.
Hugging her bear to make sure he is the perfect size for her!
Kendall making her final decision on her bear.  It was a tough decision ya know!

We had to wait just a little bit for the girl in front of us.  But, Kendall was patient and had fun watching the girl make her bear:)

Kendall and Daddy gave Oldie a bath.  Well, Daddy gave Oldie a bath, Kendall was a little scared of the bathtub (the air!)
Loving on her new friend Oldie.  Oldie even got to sleep in bed with her last night along wtih Minnie:)
You see the face that Kendall is making? I think she is getting some more teeth, but she loves to rub her tongue on her teeth.  It cracks me up too! It's so funny because you can see her little tongue going to town on those gums and teeth!
If you haven't been to build a bear before, when you go you make a wish on a heart and then put it in the bear.  Well, Kendall didn't want her heart to go in the bear she wanted to keep it. She kept walking over to the container of hearts after we put hers in the bear and wanted to take the hearts.  I should have just asked if we could just buy an extra heart haha!

Hope you guys have a great week:)
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Shelli Ryan said...

Shes so cute! What a special memory. My sister made my Kendall a build a bear when I was prego and I can't wait to take her when she's a little older! So fun and I love her pink shoes!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Toooooooooooooo cute!! I loveeeeeee that store! :):):):):):):):):):):)